Reinventing the Gypsy Caravan

Tonke Campers Tonke Campers

Tonka Campers, created by Dutch documentary filmmaker Maarten Van Soest (and named after Maarten’s daughter), offer a refreshing take on disposable travel. They are obsolete already, in the best possible way, and mature rather than date.

Eschewing the typical molded plastic and vinyl, they are hand-built in a village in the south of the Netherlands using traditional methods and materials. Rustic luxury awaits on the inside, with polished mahogany fittings, teak floors, porcelain sinks, chrome faucets and glass windows.

In as little as 15 minutes, the camper unit can be removed from the vehicle, allowing for placement in a garden as a guest cottage or inspirational workplace.

  • Piou

    Whaou ! I love this…

  • Kate

    Oh I love this sooooooo much! We are currently researching caravans so we can take a break from our farm in the down time next year and travel for 6 months. NOTHING is anywhere near as gorgeous as that. In fact they are all so ugly that we are having trouble commiting to any.

  • jodi

    this is awesome! So cool that it can double as a little guest cottage on your property.

    My husband just said “I would love to have that.” :)

  • chelseafuss

    love it!!!!

  • char

    I have a GIVEAWAY for an original watercolour of mine on our Blog…have a great day…I just thought I would share too.


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  • kylie3sheets

    Oh I love it! What is it about caravans? Do they remind us of cubby houses from childhood with all the magical imagination that came with them? I just want to run away on an adventure in one of these ;) Thanks for sharing this. K

  • cabrizette

    Excellent !!! vintage travel !

  • Design Mom

    So appealing! Does this mean I want to run away with the gypsies?

  • homemade grits

    dreamboat/van. thinking about you!!! thank you for the birthday wishes!

  • maggie

    hi! thanks for leaving me a comment, love your blog!
    ↓love the co-zen utensils for kids, wish it was a bit cheaper…
    can i link your blog from my blog? i', for sure be coming back frequently ;)

  • tortagialla

    Wow, beautiful design there…I love all the wood, such modern yet folky looking style at the same time. Thanks for visiting my blog and it's so cool you live on a farm and have all those animals – I want that one day – even though I know it's not all fun and games, I think it's still fantastic :P

  • Stacey

    I love it. I could picture myself romping through the Irish countryside with my family in this beauty! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!

  • plaisirssimples

    this is AMAZING!!! I want to live there!!

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  • Anonymous

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  • Low Plains Drifter

    Gorgeous woodwork and floors!

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