Rocking Chair Cradles

rocking chair cradle rocking chair cradle rocking chair cradle

I’m not sure who came up with the rocking chair cradle concept first, but I’d be willing to bet the idea was conceived by a bleary-eyed parent (probably around 3 or 4 a.m.) during an episode every parent knows all too well: you’ve finally gotten the baby back to sleep (almost rocking yourself to sleep in the process), only to have the baby reawaken as you ever so gently place him back in the crib.

Pictured first is the Rockid by Ontwerpduo, which you can reconstruct into a rocking chair once the baby outgrows the cradle (I believe it’s just a concept at this point). Last is the Rocker Cradle by Scott Morrisson, gorgeous but a bit impractical for everyday use (starts at $10,500).

It seems like a great idea, I don’t know why these aren’t more common.

Has anyone tried a rocking chair / cradle combo? I’d love to hear about it!

UPDATE: Check out this new rocking chair cradle that converts into a child’s bed!

  • Hilda

    oh wow I want one of these.

  • simplelovely

    wow…this is rather genius!

  • handmaderomance

    what a fantastic idea. i must remember these x

  • kathy

    It actually looks rather dangerous.. It doesn’t seem to have high enough walls around the baby.

  • Storm

    Very cool idea!

  • Charlotta

    This is great! Love the idea and wish I had one of these when my kids were little.
    Darling I have tagged you on my blog. Please pop over and see.


  • Jennifer T

    Did I read this right, $10,500?!! Woah! Surely there is a cheaper one out there, because every mom in the WORLD should have one, they are an amazing idea!

  • Tundra

    It's actually a really old concept!

  • ceciladarling

    my grandpa made me one for my baby dolls as a kid

  • Pete Isaacson

    The last one for $10.5K…..looks like something the late Sam Maloof would have made…..and worth every penny!

  • theviolethours

    Seriously, this is the most genius idea ever!

  • Esther

    I knew I'd seen these before… more “nanny cradles”
    The Rockid is nice though.

  • handmade charlotte

    Sam Maloof was amazing – he made one very similar to the one by Scott Morrisson (though I certainly don't fault him for his choice of inspiration!)

  • handmade charlotte

    Your blog is a big time personal fave – thank you!

  • susie

    Very cool…

  • jess craig

    i guess it’s just me, but it looks really awkward and uncomfortable. :(

  • Colby

    rock on

  • Cynthia Marie

    Wonderful, a great way to be close to the little one, talking , singing hands free, and baby gets rocked to sleep and mom gets to relax. wish i'd had one.

  • Your Name

    my natural rocking amplitude would be too violent for a baby… a pedal foot rocker would be a more controlled safer idea (albeit less fun for the adult)

    great, my name is Your Name. Brill

  • Lavender

    I'm hoping that the antique ones are worth 10.5K, but we should be able to find modern ones for a smaller price. If not, we can always find a carpenter and see if he'll take on the challenge.

  • Erin

    I’d want one but as a glider instead of a rocker.

  • Y. Handyman

    Grandmas around the world sure gonna love this!

  • Ellie

    So I looked it up. They’re called “nanny rockers” and were designed by the shakers for mothers, fathers, grandparents, etc to rock with the baby while doing other necessary tasks. Then, it became very popular in the South where nannies would rock with the baby while doing activities such as needlepoint.

    Anyways, there are places you can get them for much cheaper (1-3k instead of 10.5k), though it does still seem a bit ridiculous. I’m sure with a bit of knowledge and hard work you could make one of those for at least half that if not a quarter.

  • handmade charlotte

    Gee Whiz…Thank you for the research…Let me know when you make one! That would be amazing!

  • improvementhouse

    Very creative indeed…

  • Kendall

    I had one of these as a little girl for my baby dolls! I always loved it and I’m glad they have one for me as I become a mother myself!

  • Jessica

    This is such a cute idea, kind of like the bed extension things you can buy to keep your baby close to you while you sleep…I think that the “complete two tasks at once” attitude is less of an option, and more of a requirement in today’s busy world anyway…Great post, thanks for the inspiration and sharing!

  • Bobbiejoe

    I love it. I sure wish I would of had one when my sons and grands was babies.

  • joe

    i’m not sure if its strong enough at the legs

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    Love this idea!

  • Jessica

    Here in SC these are quite common! We call them Mammy Benches. They’ve been around forever!

  • Katherine

    The idea came about around the 16/17th century… I have seen them in museums. The idea was the… Mother or nanny could rock and soothe the baby while doing other tasks. Sewing/knitting/darning. There were no idle hands back in those days.

  • Debbie Jo Wells

    Is this an adult size rocker? I want a toddler one for my granddaughter, can I get the pattern somewhere?