Rocking Chair Cradles

rocking chair cradle rocking chair cradle rocking chair cradle

I’m not sure who came up with the rock­ing chair cra­dle con­cept first, but I’d be will­ing to bet the idea was con­ceived by a bleary-eyed par­ent (prob­a­bly around 3 or 4 a.m.) dur­ing an episode every par­ent knows all too well: you’ve finally got­ten the baby back to sleep (almost rock­ing your­self to sleep in the process), only to have the baby reawaken as you ever so gen­tly place him back in the crib.

Pic­tured first is the Rockid by Ontwer­p­duo, which you can recon­struct into a rock­ing chair once the baby out­grows the cra­dle (I believe it’s just a con­cept at this point). Last is the Rocker Cra­dle by Scott Mor­ris­son, gor­geous but a bit imprac­ti­cal for every­day use (starts at $10,500).

It seems like a great idea, I don’t know why these aren’t more common.

Has any­one tried a rock­ing chair / cra­dle combo? I’d love to hear about it!

UPDATE: Check out this new rock­ing chair cra­dle that con­verts into a child’s bed!