Rocking Chair Cradles

rocking chair cradle rocking chair cradle rocking chair cradle

I’m not sure who came up with the rock­ing chair cra­dle con­cept first, but I’d be will­ing to bet the idea was con­ceived by a bleary-eyed par­ent (prob­a­bly around 3 or 4 a.m.) dur­ing an episode every par­ent knows all too well: you’ve finally got­ten the baby back to sleep (almost rock­ing your­self to sleep in the process), only to have the baby reawaken as you ever so gen­tly place him back in the crib.

Pic­tured first is the Rockid by Ontwer­p­duo, which you can recon­struct into a rock­ing chair once the baby out­grows the cra­dle (I believe it’s just a con­cept at this point). Last is the Rocker Cra­dle by Scott Mor­ris­son, gor­geous but a bit imprac­ti­cal for every­day use (starts at $10,500).

It seems like a great idea, I don’t know why these aren’t more common.

Has any­one tried a rock­ing chair / cra­dle combo? I’d love to hear about it!

UPDATE: Check out this new rock­ing chair cra­dle that con­verts into a child’s bed!

  • Hilda

    oh wow I want one of these.

  • sim­plelovely

    wow…this is rather genius!

  • hand­madero­mance

    what a fan­tas­tic idea. i must remem­ber these x

  • kathy

    It actu­ally looks rather dan­ger­ous.. It doesn’t seem to have high enough walls around the baby.

  • Storm

    Very cool idea!

  • Char­lotta

    This is great! Love the idea and wish I had one of these when my kids were lit­tle.
    Dar­ling I have tagged you on my blog. Please pop over and see.


  • Jen­nifer T

    Did I read this right, $10,500?!! Woah! Surely there is a cheaper one out there, because every mom in the WORLD should have one, they are an amaz­ing idea!

  • Tun­dra

    It’s actu­ally a really old concept!

  • ceciladar­ling

    my grandpa made me one for my baby dolls as a kid

  • Pete Isaac­son

    The last one for $10.5K.….looks like some­thing the late Sam Mal­oof would have made.….and worth every penny!

  • the­vi­o­lethours

    Seri­ously, this is the most genius idea ever!

  • Esther

    I knew I’d seen these before… more “nanny cra­dles”
    The Rockid is nice though.

  • hand­made charlotte

    Sam Mal­oof was amaz­ing — he made one very sim­i­lar to the one by Scott Mor­ris­son (though I cer­tainly don’t fault him for his choice of inspiration!)

  • hand­made charlotte

    Your blog is a big time per­sonal fave — thank you!

  • susie

    Very cool…

  • jess craig

    i guess it’s just me, but it looks really awk­ward and uncomfortable. :(

  • Colby

    rock on

  • Cyn­thia Marie

    Won­der­ful, a great way to be close to the lit­tle one, talk­ing , singing hands free, and baby gets rocked to sleep and mom gets to relax. wish i’d had one.

  • Your Name

    my nat­ural rock­ing ampli­tude would be too vio­lent for a baby… a pedal foot rocker would be a more con­trolled safer idea (albeit less fun for the adult)

    great, my name is Your Name. Brill

  • Laven­der

    I’m hop­ing that the antique ones are worth 10.5K, but we should be able to find mod­ern ones for a smaller price. If not, we can always find a car­pen­ter and see if he’ll take on the challenge.

  • Erin

    I’d want one but as a glider instead of a rocker.

  • Y. Handy­man

    Grand­mas around the world sure gonna love this!

  • Ellie

    So I looked it up. They’re called “nanny rock­ers” and were designed by the shak­ers for moth­ers, fathers, grand­par­ents, etc to rock with the baby while doing other nec­es­sary tasks. Then, it became very pop­u­lar in the South where nan­nies would rock with the baby while doing activ­i­ties such as needlepoint.

    Any­ways, there are places you can get them for much cheaper (1-3k instead of 10.5k), though it does still seem a bit ridicu­lous. I’m sure with a bit of knowl­edge and hard work you could make one of those for at least half that if not a quarter.

  • hand­made charlotte

    Gee Whiz…Thank you for the research…Let me know when you make one! That would be amazing!

  • improve­men­t­house

    Very cre­ative indeed…

  • Kendall

    I had one of these as a lit­tle girl for my baby dolls! I always loved it and I’m glad they have one for me as I become a mother myself!

  • Jes­sica

    This is such a cute idea, kind of like the bed exten­sion things you can buy to keep your baby close to you while you sleep…I think that the “com­plete two tasks at once” atti­tude is less of an option, and more of a require­ment in today’s busy world anyway…Great post, thanks for the inspi­ra­tion and shar­ing!

  • Bob­biejoe

    I love it. I sure wish I would of had one when my sons and grands was babies.

  • joe

    i’m not sure if its strong enough at the legs

  • Afford­able Wed­ding Invitations

    Love this idea!

  • Jes­sica

    Here in SC these are quite com­mon! We call them Mammy Benches. They’ve been around forever!

  • Kather­ine

    The idea came about around the 16/17th cen­tury… I have seen them in muse­ums. The idea was the… Mother or nanny could rock and soothe the baby while doing other tasks. Sewing/knitting/darning. There were no idle hands back in those days.