Rocking Cradle

rocking cradle rocking cradle rocking cradle rocking cradle

Baby’s Rocking Cradle by UK-based designer Martin Price comes with a built-in second life: after the cradle has served its purpose, it can be sawn in half to create a pair of rocking chairs.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the designer’s website is no longer active.

  • Lcamel2000

    I am just wondering how the rockers end up with the super curved bottoms?  I notice in the before photo’s they don’t have such curved bottoms, but after becoming a rocker for the baby, they do!   and by the way, this is a fantastic idea!!!

  • handmade charlotte

    Maybe ….tricking our eye? Yes! Amazing Idea….Thanks for stopping in!:)

  • Bryanaf52

    the photo with the un-curved legs looks like a prototype. :)

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