Royalty Born At The San Diego Zoo

royal antelope Royal Antelope Calf Royal Antelope Calf

This tiny Royal Antelope calf was born at the San Diego Zoo on February 8th, weighing just 17 ounces. The smallest of the antelopes, these creatures only measure 10-12 inches high and 9-10 pounds when fully grown. Simply amazing!

  • amma

    my heart just exploded into glitter. too cute!

  • handmade charlotte

    Can I use That line? So Cute!

  • Jennski

    omg so cute!

  • thevirginialibraryproject

    So stinkin’ cute.

  • lula honey

    just a handful of cute!!!!

  • Mallory

    Holy cow, that’s cute!

  • fajas colombianas

    This guy looks pretty cute, he does literaly look like a hand full of cuteness.

  • Sagex89

    how does he manage that body with such tiny legs!

  • Flashmote

    Squeeeeeee  cute!

  • Madi Dale

    i want one

  • Ainieve

    Awwwz… *stares* Thats is just so darn flippin’ CUUUTEE!!! I sooo want one!!~ :>( >.< )<:

  • Drpepperbear

    It’s so cute i could die!!! :D

  • Iluvhorses405

    Its so little and cute. I want one.

  • mynameis_apple

    want one!!!!! mommy can i keep it?

  • Emilylovesmaggie

    aww :) its legs make my arm look fat lol in a good way… soo cute!!!!!!!!!!! i just want to snuggle it

  • Brockrichardson


  • Debbie

    So Sweet! How can anyone be cruel to any animal? Makes my heart heavy just to think of how many animals are being abused,hungry or neglected at this very moment.

  • handmade charlotte

    So true, it’s hard to fathom how cruel some people can be.

  • handmade charlotte

    So true, it’s hard to fathom how cruel some people can be.

  • Surfertech1010

    He is soooooooooo cute I want one.

  • SamM

    I can has?! :D <3

  • Daniel W

    How adorable! 

  • Happy_berry

    it is absolutely adorable

  • lalalala4

    That is so cute! Can i have it?!

  • Tracie Newkirk

    It’s so cute I wanna go all the way to San Diego zoo and shower him in kisses and pet him and love him and die happy!

  • Tracie Newkirk

    oh yeah, forgot to mention the squeals of joy…..

  • Kiriveillette


  • handmade charlotte


  • handmade charlotte

    I will squeeeeeekk with you! Rachel xoxoxox


    That’s so cute, especially the last images, looks like a rabbit.

  • id

    OH MY GOOOOOOOODDD!!!!!! it makes my toes tingle!!!!
    i fricken want to put this thing in my coffe!!!! im dying to keep it……any chane someone can smuggle it for me?

  • Rosie Walsh

    awwww cute ponie ;D

  • Just,me

    This is a beautiful animal.

  • deanna


  • handmade charlotte

    I’d love an entire tiny herd!

  • AlexDare95

    awww its like someone took all the cutest things in the world and stuffed into a tiny carrying case 

  • Antonydemaarif

    I wish that I could have aroyalantelope as a pet.

  • sofiyanazeer

    so small n beautiful animal

  • jdscarface
  • hoppyhayes

    Boy can you imagine having a restaurant featuring these! I bet you could get fifty bucks a plate!!! Roasted, BBQ,Steamed! Wow. I wonder if its possible to farm raise those things. Anyone know?

  • Dr.James Dazouloute

    Why is it so small? Great Share!


    Unbearably cute!