Swedish Forest Huts

Swedish Forest Hut Swedish Forest Hut

I absolutely love these forest huts! They’re located at the Kolarbyn eco-lodge by Lake Skärsjön in Sweden. Each of the twelve huts come equipped with cozy sheepskin rugs and a warm fireplace.

  • http://nattysfamily.blogspot.com/ npbradshaw

    These are amazing! You should totally build one.

  • Perculatingidea

    These are lovely! How I would love to have one. Unfortunately in our heat they would serve as an oven.

  • Muswerk

    love it!

  • http://www.CheekyCognoscenti.blogspot.com Rebecca Grace

    What fun! This is so Lord of the Rings…

  • http://www.letthechildrenplay.net jenny @ let the children play

    Oh, these are gorgeous!