The Art of Balance

Las Sillas Chair Game by Ludus Ludi

Phew! Yet another dead­line that I only just man­aged to meet… As adults, par­ents, and pro­fes­sion­als, we all know how life can some­times feel like one big bal­anc­ing act. Every day we per­form mul­ti­ple roles, jug­gling count­less respon­si­bil­i­ties and mul­ti­task­ing to per­fec­tion. The to-do list only gets longer, and time is never on our side. (Insert Machi­avelic laugh here!)

So, all work and no play? I hope not. Learn­ing to unwind, for­get the rules, and think out­side the box is essen­tial to main­tain­ing that all-important equi­lib­rium we all strive for. Play can be ther­a­peu­tic, edu­ca­tional, and fun–at any age. Here are a few picks from the beau­ti­ful & mod­ern Ludus Ludi col­lec­tion of toys, designed for both lit­tle and big kids alike.

A Escada Ladder & Board Game by Ludus Ludi

A Escada Lad­der & Board Game
A game of patience, dis­cov­ery and explo­ration. Once you fig­ure out how to bal­ance the wooden board on the lad­der, this sim­ple set becomes an open toy you can exper­i­ment with using coun­ter­weights (keys, an egg, etc.) or board sub­sti­tutes (a spoon, a knife, etc.). The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less and amus­ing. Def­i­nitely one for the curious!

Los Taburetes Stool Balancing Game

Los Tabu­retes Stool Bal­anc­ing Game
Inspired by the nat­u­rally bal­anced struc­ture of a tree, this game con­sists of twelve col­ored stools with wooden legs. Stack them to form any con­struc­tion you like. Again, the idea is to con­cen­trate and exper­i­ment. After all, no two trees are alike.

El Bosque Forest Game by Ludus Ludi

El Bosque For­est Game
Based on the pop­u­lar Jenga game, El Bosque includes 51 wooden blocks, each engraved with the name of the tree and the place the wood came from. Beau­ti­ful to look at and stim­u­lat­ing to play, this heirloom-quality game is designed to arouse curios­ity and develop the senses.

Las Escalaras Ladder Game by Ludus Ludi

Las Escalaras Lad­der Game
Onwards and upwards! Lad­ders lift us up to take us to new heights, and this set of 16 Escalaras will chal­lenge your imag­i­na­tion as you try new con­struc­tions to mas­ter the art of bal­ance. It’s amaz­ing what you can do with well-designed com­pressed cardboard!

Les Escuadras Right-Angle Game by Ludus Ludi

Les Escuadras Right-Angle Game
You really do need to have a good look at all the prod­uct pho­tos for this toy to get an idea of its true poten­tial. Move one piece to cre­ate one new posi­tion, and your per­spec­tive will shift entirely.  Again, the pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less. The per­fect dis­trac­tion to place on your desk!

Avail­able inter­na­tion­ally, all Ludus Ludi toys are designed and pro­duced by the Pico Pao work­shop in a small vil­lage in Spain. You can find a com­plete list of retail­ers on the Ludus Ludi web­site.

Pic­tured at top of post: Las Sil­las Chair Game by Ludus LudiA big thanks to Petits Petits Tre­sors for intro­duc­ing us to these won­der­ful toys!