The Friday Escape Plan

Guest Bedroom Made From A 1959 Chevy Viking Short Bus

A vin­tage bus con­verted into a guest house, tiny cab­ins, and more to fuel your Fri­day escape plan. Happy trails!

Guest Bedroom Made From A 1959 Chevy Viking Short Bus

At a client’s request, Port­land archi­tect Will Winkel­man turned this 1959 Chevro­let Viking short bus into an instant guest bed­room on wheels. Com­plete with plumb­ing and elec­tric­ity, the bus is fully dri­vable and ready for fam­ily trips into the wilder­ness. Love this – reminds me of the Tonka Camper. (via remod­elista)

California Sleeping Cabin

Sit­u­ated on 40 remote acres in Cal­i­for­nia, this sleep­ing cabin was built entirely out of reclaimed mate­ri­als by Vic­tor Sum­mers of Sim­ple Shel­ter Texas. He also built a sec­ond struc­ture (used as a med­i­ta­tion room) and a pump house made to look like a cabin.

Tumbleweed Tiny House

This lit­tle cabin is built on a small util­ity trailer so you can take it with you wher­ever you go. Need proof that it’s actu­ally liv­able? Designer Jay Shafer lived in one for a year before sell­ing it to another cou­ple. Plans for this home and more are avail­able at Tum­ble­weed Tiny House.