Top Bunks

a quad of bunk beds in a bunk room for kids (via lonny magazine)

The top bunks in this quad of bunk beds are as easy to access as the lower level—minus the scary lad­der. (via Lonny Mag­a­zine, March 2013)

a children's bed / library unit bunk combo

A library unit sits on top of a children’s bed in this avant-garde makeover of a 19th-century Lon­don town­house. (via Archi­tec­tural Digest)

Bohemian bunk beds (queen size!) in Swedish stylist Jannifer Jansch's summer house

These queen-size bohemian bunk beds from Swedish styl­ist Jen­nifer Jansch’s sum­mer home were built by a local car­pen­ter to accom­mo­date as many guests as pos­si­ble. (via Lonny Mag­a­zine, March 2013)

A built-in children's bed with a trundle bed in a drawer underneath for sleepovers

Also from Jen­nifer Jansch’s sum­mer home, this built-in bed in her daugh­ter Celeste’s bed­room fea­tures a trun­dle bed in the drawer under the bed for sleep­overs. (via Lonny Mag­a­zine, March 2013)

triple bunk beds nestled in the wall of a lakeside family getaway

Triple bunk beds nes­tled in the wall of a lake­side fam­ily get­away by designer Heather Chad­duck.

simple cabin bunks (via sarah sherman samuel of smitten studio)

Sim­ple cabin bunks designed by Sarah Sher­man Samuel. Be sure to fol­low the progress of her fab­u­lous cabin ren­o­va­tion on her web­site!