Printable Animal Sewing Cards For Kids

Printable Animal Sewing Cards For Kids

Sewing cards are tons of fun and pro­vide great prac­tice for kids and grown ups alike. Plus, you’ll love the look of the tex­ture you end up with when adding fur and feath­ers to these flash card–style ani­mal friends!

Printable Animal Sewing Cards For Kids

What You Need

  • Print­able Ani­mal Stitch­ing Cards (down­load here)
  • Scis­sors
  • Straight pin
  • Nee­dle
  • Embroi­dery floss—I used DMC 647 (Owl), 920 (Fox), 3782 (Hedge­hog), and 168 (Squirrel)
Printable Animal Sewing Cards For Kids

Step 1
Print the stitch­ing cards onto card stock and cut them apart. Use a straight pin or a sharp nee­dle to poke holes in the card stock at each end of the stitch marks on the ani­mal you are work­ing on. You can hold the card up as you go or place it on a folded towel or some cor­ru­gated cardboard.

Printable Animal Sewing Cards For Kids

Step 2
Cut a piece of embroi­dery floss in a color that matches the fur on your choice of ani­mal and sep­a­rate out three strands of the floss. Thread your nee­dle and tie a knot at one end of the floss. Start stitch­ing, mak­ing one straight stitch on each fur line.

Printable Animal Sewing Cards For Kids

Step 3
As you work, you’ll find that it helps to turn the card over when you are bring­ing the nee­dle from back to front so that you don’t make extra holes. You’ll end up flip­ping the card back and forth with each stitch, but it’s worth it so you fin­ish with a pretty card. This is also a great habit to be in when stitch­ing other things…the back of your work is almost as impor­tant as the front!

Printable Animal Sewing Cards For Kids

Step 4
When you reach the end of your floss or have fin­ished with a sec­tion, tie a knot in the floss so that it’s close to the back of your card.

Printable Animal Sewing Cards For Kids

Stitch one ani­mal or stitch them all! Whether you add thread to match their fur or give them some wildly col­or­ful high­lights, they’ll be fun to work on and they’ll look great hang­ing on your wall or refrigerator!

Printable Animal Sewing Cards For Kids

Happy craft­ing!

  • Christina Tutor

    I CAN’T WAIT TO MAKE THESE WITH THE KIDDOS! Sorry, I should use my inside voice but THEY ARE SO CUTE!

  • Lit­tle Auggie

    totally fab!

  • Rita — Fac­cio e Disfo

    I’ve used these awe­some cards to cre­ate a sewing kit for my daughter:

    many thanks!!!

  • Paola

    I thank you for your cards.

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  • Rachel Brown

    Gor­geous! Shar­ing at

  • Jenny

    Thank you so much for these adorable print­a­bles. We did a wood­land nurs­ery and used your print­a­bles. My older daugh­ter stitched them with her grandma for the nurs­ery. We got cheap frames from ikea. It turned out so well! If you want to see it go to

  • Rachel Faucett

    Hi Jenny,

    How adorable! Thanks so much for shar­ing. I can’t wait to dig through your bloggy!



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