Vintage Wooden Toys From An Unusual Source

Ko Verzuu ADO Speelgoed Wooden Toys Ko Verzuu ADO Speelgoed Wooden Toys

Dutch designer Ko Verzuu and his team at ADO made these gor­geous wooden toys (as well as many oth­ers) dur­ing the 1920s and early 1930s in Apel­doorn, Nether­lands. ADO was a bit dif­fer­ent than the typ­i­cal toy com­pany, mainly in that the toys were made by tuber­cu­lo­sis patients in the sana­to­rium Berg and Bosch. The work­shop was part of a pro­gram intended to tran­si­tion the patients back into pro­duc­tive mem­bers of soci­ety as they recovered.

The Con­sumer Prod­uct Safety Com­mis­sion would have a field day with that one!

On a side note, it appears as though Ko Verzuu’s son has begun build­ing exact repli­cas of his father’s leg­endary toys. No word on avail­abil­ity, but they are fun to look at!