Weekend Inspiration: 2013 Calendars

10 Best 2013 Calendars

Kick­start the new year with this col­lec­tion of the ten best cal­en­dars for 2013. Happy weekend!

Wood Stump 2013 Calendar from 1canoe2 on Etsy

Wood Stump 2013 Let­ter­press Cal­en­dar
avail­able for $26 from 1canoe2

Stitch the Stars 2013 Calendar Kit

Stitch The Stars 2013 Cal­en­dar Kit
avail­able for $25 from branch home

Globe Trotter Calendar

Globe Trot­ter Cal­en­dar
avail­able for $20 from anthro­polo­gie

Frankie Calendar 2013

Frankie Cal­en­dar 2013
avail­able for $30 from frankie press

2013 Shapes Wall Calendar

2013 Shapes Wall Cal­en­dar
avail­able for $22 from leah dun­can

Mark's Original Pocket 2013 Notebook Calendar

Mark’s Orig­i­nal Pocket 2013 Note­book Cal­en­dar
avail­able for $12 from omoi zakka shop

2013 Cut Out Number Calendar from Present&Correct

2013 Cut Out Num­ber Cal­en­dar
avail­able for $26 from present&correct

2013 Wall Calendar by Dozi on Etsy

2013 Wall Cal­en­dar
avail­able for $22 from dozi

2013 Letterpress Wall Calendar from Paper Boat Studios on Etsy

2013 Let­ter­press Wall Cal­en­dar
avail­able for $30 from paper boat studios

Modern Patterns Mini 2013 Calendar from Monkey Mind Design on Etsy

Mod­ern Pat­terns Mini 2013 Cal­en­dar
avail­able from mon­key mind design

  • melissa ahamad

    Lovely com­pi­la­tion of cal­en­dars Seri­ously one of my favorite things of the new year. New year new plan­ner is what its all about.


  • Bliss Fos­ter

    I love these inspi­ra­tion posts! Some­times, there can be some real junk on Etsy, but you guys always man­age to find the best stuff.