Family Game Night Part 1: The Challenger Kit

Wii U Family Game Night Official Challenger Kit

I’ve always loved how Nin­tendo makes games that get you off the sofa and mov­ing around. From the moment I saw the crazy con­trollers for their newest con­sole, the Wii U, I knew some­thing awe­some was in store. I got extra excited when I heard about their Fam­ily Game Night Sweep­stakes where you can enter to win a Deluxe Wii U Set and $5,000 towards a fam­ily vacation.

It seems just about every­one has a game con­sole, but I’ve never really found one that we could all play together. The Wii U, on the other hand, seems cus­tom made for fam­ily fun. Plus, with all the cold weather lately, it’s nice to play a lit­tle ten­nis or base­ball with­out need­ing to bun­dle up.

Wii U Family Game Night Challenger Kit Wii U Family Game Night Challenger Kit

The Fam­ily Game Night Offi­cial Chal­lenger Kit
With all the fun we’re hav­ing, we wanted to spread the com­pet­i­tive love to other fam­i­lies, but a phone call say­ing, “Hey, come over and play video games” just wouldn’t do. So we designed these offi­cial Wii U Chal­lenger Kit print­a­bles. Just down­load the free PDFs, fol­low the instruc­tions, and mail off the kit to your guests.

Wii U Family Game Night Challenger Kit

Step 1: The Offi­cial Chal­lenger Kit Print­a­bles
To get started, you’ll need to down­load and print the chal­lenger kit com­po­nents: the game night tick­ets and team jer­sey marker kit label (down­load here), the team jer­sey iron-on logo (down­load here), and the chal­lenger kit pack­ag­ing label (down­load here).

Wii U Family Game Night Challenger Kit

Step 2: Team Jer­sey Dec­o­rat­ing Kit
Use the print­able iron-on logo to cre­ate a set of jer­seys for the oppos­ing fam­ily. Print out the team jer­sey marker kit band and wrap around a set of fab­ric mark­ers that they can use to dec­o­rate their jerseys.

Wii U Family Game Night Challenger Kit

Step 3: Choose Your Oppo­nent
Once you’ve cho­sen the fam­ily you’d like to chal­lenge, fill in the fam­ily name in the blank space pro­vided on the pack­ag­ing label. Print out two labels, one for the out­side of the box and one for the inside of the box.

Wii U Family Game Night Challenger Kit

Step 4: Issue The Chal­lenge
Mail the chal­lenger kit and get ready for the big night!

My fam­ily game night is spon­sored by Wii U. How U will play next! Click here for a chance to win a Wii U™ Deluxe Set and $5,000 to take your fam­ily on vacation!