Kids’ Rooms Designed for Play

A bedroom / playroom for boys with beds in the loft

Putting the beds in the loft leaves plenty of space dedicated for play in this bedroom for three boys in Ireland. Love the castle details. (via ikea family live)

Playroom with a built-in mosh pit

Some lucky little tyke in the Netherlands has a playroom with a built-in mosh pit. How cool is that? (via ikea family live)

Green eScape Playhouse by ZeroEnergy

An eco-friendy playhouse by ZeroEnergy with lots of neat little features – read more about it here.

A loft playroom accessible from two children's bedrooms

This loft playroom / nook is easily accessed from both of the children’s bedrooms in this home by Feldman Architecture. (via dwell)

Colorful swing bed for kids

What child wouldn’t love to have this colorful swing bed by Serendipity in their room? I love the layered blanket mattress.