Etsy Gift Guide: Christmas Keepsakes for Kids

Etsy Gift Guide: Christmas Keepsakes for Kids

Every year my mom buys each of my three children a Christmas decoration. She’s being doing it since they were born, gradually putting together a beautiful collection of ornaments to treasure and to use on their own Christmas tree when they leave home. I think this is a lovely idea and a tradition I hope to continue with my own grandchildren one day.

I’m guessing that most of you have already decorated your tree and homes by now, but it’s not too late to fall in love with something special, for this year or the next. You can find all sorts of original ornaments on Etsy, the festive season is perfect for inspiring designers and crafters to use their imagination and create unique, one-off decorative gems. I love vintage and handmade things, so today I have chosen six ornaments that I think you and your kids might like to keep. Enjoy!

Hand-Embroidered Floral Wreath by Jess Quinn on Etsy

Hand-Embroidered Floral Wreath Decoration
Available for $77 from Jess Quinn Small Art

Jess Quinn is one of my favorite doll and soft toy makers. Her talents never cease to amaze me, so it’s not surprising that I am smitten with her Christmas designs. This pretty, hand-embroidered floral wreath is a mini work of art. I would like to hang it on a wall in my little girl’s room all year round, wouldn’t you?

Dala Horse Collection from Hindsvik on Etsy

Vintage Swedish Dala Horse Collection
Available for $65 from Hindsvik

You just can’t go wrong with folk Dala Horses, at any time of year. These traditional Swedish ornaments in red, blue and white will definitely put you in the festive mood but can also look fantastic grouped together in a child’s room. An instant collection of three, that’s one lucky find!

Handmade Pom-Pom Stars by Joana Rosa Braganca on Etsy

Pom-Pom Stars
Available for $40 from Joana Rosa Bragança

Portuguese illustrator/maker Joana R. Bragança’s quirky Christmas dolls have proven popular this year but she still has a couple of Pom-Pom Star characters left in her shop. Kids will love their smiling faces and long stripy legs so much so, in fact, that I doubt they will want to hide them away in a box after Christmas.

Vintage Swedish Christmas Gnome from Drifva on Etsy

Vintage Swedish Christmas Gnome
Available for $23 from Drifva

This little wooden Swedish tomte & sled ornament is very cute indeed. Dating back to the 50/60s, it is in very good condition and will delight you and your little ones for years to come. Some things just don’t go out of fashion at Christmas, do they?

Handmade Blue Bauble Character Decoration from Handmade Romance on Etsy

Handmade Blue Bauble Character Decoration
Available for $19 from Handmade Romance

Evie Barrow is another favorite doll maker of mine, so I’m over the moon to see that she’s tried her hand at making Christmas decorations this year. Handmade and hand-embroidered, this one-of-a-kind blue bauble character has oodles of personality, and would look equally lovely hanging on the wall in a child’s room. Her entire collection is wonderful!

Vintage Polish Doll from Samjams3 on Etsy

Vintage Polish Doll
Available for $24 from Samjams3

Polish dolls are a classic vintage toy but there’s no reason why this pretty, wintery maid couldn’t be put out on display at Christmas. Made in the late 1950s, and in excellent condition, she is jointed and dressed for outside play. A beautiful decorative piece for Christmas and beyond that will most likely make its way into a little girl’s room mid- January.