Tools Of The Trade

Drawing Machine

Drawing Machine
available for $19 from all lovely stuff

A do-it-yourself drawing machine comprised of an oak cotton reel, peg, felt tip pen, rubber band, and a small bit of wax. Fun!

Gorgeous wooden rulers

Wooden Rulers
available from hay

Bold & bright patterns bring these everyday objects to life.

Copper & Glass Drafting Set

Copper Drafting Set
designed by jennifer tran

A twist on the typical protractor, triangle and ruler made from copper and glass.

Brass Utility Knife

Brass Utility Knife
designed by jennifer tran

Another basic tool brought to a new level through choice of material by Jennifer Tran.

Wood eraser / brush from Present & Correct

Eraser Brush
available for $15 from present & correct

A simple but imminently useful wooden block with an eraser on one end and a natural hair brush on the other. Made by blind and visually impaired craftsmen in Berlin.

Rethinking the compass, uses pencil as second axis Rethinking the compass, uses pencil as second axis

designed by Asaf Weinbroom

A limited edition compass made using only one arm (the pencil serves as the second axis).