Colorful Playthings for Kids

Conceptual Building Blocks

Fresh back from a long weekend in Stockholm with a group of monochrome-loving design blogging peers, I’m now craving a bit of color. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with decorating your home solely in black and white, my own home interior is white and grey, very much in line with the simple, neutral Scandinavian style.

But what about kids? What about their rooms, their play area? Spring is on its way here, we’re going to repaint the house, and I feel like adding a few carefully chosen pops of color. I hope this small selection of fun finds will inspire you to do the same, should you feel so inclined.

Oli Rug for Kids Room

OLI Children’s Cushion & Rug Set
available from menut estudio

The color green is growing on me and I love this eye-catching forest cushion and rig set, made from layers of hypoallergenic felt leaves (perfect for hiding things inside). The carpet cover can be used separately if a friend comes over to play or left on top of the cushion pad for quiet reading time.

Zookids Stools

Zookids Stools
available for $180 from julica design

Kids love animals and parents love happy children. Julica Design’s colorful series of zoo stools would certainly make a playful feature in a child’s room. Decorated in an appealing palette of pale pink, orange and blue, the Zookids range is currently composed of a tiger, elephant and hippo, all waiting for your little jungle explorers!

Crystal Crown for Kids

Crystal Crown
available for $51 from dear plastic (via papier mache)

Dear Plastic’s original watercolor crowns decorated with ribbons and sequins are very pretty (I love their other handmade products, too). They would look beautiful on display in a girl’s room, and may even inspire you to have go at making your own.

Paper Bird

Paper Bird
available from lydia shirreff on etsy

I am a huge fan of Lydia Shirreff’s bright 3D mobiles and papercraft work, and I’m sure that this colorful hand-cut piece would look stunning on a white wall in a child’s room. Contact Lydia via her Etsy shop if you’d like her to make one for you.

Embroidered Children’s Cushions

Pillows Embroidered with Children’s Drawings
available for $74 from il était 1x une étoile (unfortunately, the store is no longer active)

It was love at sight when I came across Katia Graeff’s line of cushions. A mix of endearing kids’ drawings embroidered in black and a zest of neon pink, green or red, these pillows are bound to please little ones and big ones alike. Do take a peek at her website, so colorful, fun and original – love!

Pictured at the top of of this post: Conceptual Building Blocks, available for $56 from Naughts & Crosses.