Decorating With Decals


Thanks to David Torrents, I’ve finally realized that wall stickers can be fun! I’ve never really been a huge fan of decals, despite my love of art, but even I would love to play around with this set of stickers inspired by the work of Dutch graphic designer and teacher Karel Martens (pictured above).

As you can see, the Karel Kit is made up of numerous, colorful meccano-like parts that children can stick together to create their own shapes, scenes and stories. The decals are semi-transparent so they’re particularly effective on glass, as shown above, but will adhere to almost any surface.

I’m smitten, and my enthusiasm has prompted me to share a small selection of original decal finds – enjoy!


Flower Wall Stickers illustrated by Nathalie Lété
available for $72 from molly meg

One look at this wall full of flowers drawn by French artist Nathalie Lété and I’m in the mood for Spring. Fresh and uplifting, these romantic stickers would be perfect for a little girl’s room or anywhere in the home.


La Parade Wall Stickers
available for $34 from poisson bulle

If you’re looking for something cute, children’s illustrator Swantje & Frieda has just created an exclusive range of sweet stickers and friezes for the French online shop Poisson Bulle. Colorful and quirky, these endearing creatures would brighten up any nursery, bedroom or play space. Don’t miss the rest of her collection!


Lars and Ida Wall Stickers
available for $65 from as sweet as cotton candy

I love these bright graphic boy and girl stickers Lars and Ida that I found on pinterest. Modern and eye-catching, you can use them to personalize a kid’s wall, door or window even. Both stickers are available in several colors and the price includes the child’s name (price depends on number of letters).


Car Chalkboard Sticker
available for $189 from lil’market

Chalkboard decals are fun and fairly easy to find these days! Budding artists will love doodling and coloring on the wall, especially if it’s inside a big car, a fairy castle, a tree or any other of the inspiring designs available from this original Italian children’s store.


Frame Decorative Tape
available for $22.50 from artful kids / culturelabel

Although not strictly speaking a wall decal, I thought this decorative frame tape was something different and perfect for boosting a child’s artistic confidence! Just imagine how proud they would be to create an ever-changing mini-gallery of artwork in their own room!

Pictured at the top of post: Karel Kit by David Torrents, available for $40 at Stickaway (via petitspetitstresors)