Animal-Themed Design for Kids’ Rooms

Large Miffy Lamp

A big shout out to Deborah’s son Miles, who turns eight today. Happy Birthday, Miles!

Tired of bunnies? I hope not! It is spring after all. Dick Bruna’s Miffy is a classic favorite and always makes me smile. In fact, I have to admit that I almost gave into temptation when I came across these wonderful lamps by Mr Maria. Small, tall, or to hang on the wall, there’s something for everyone in this line–and watch out for the elephant!

The animal kingdom is a never-ending source of inspiration for creatives in the children’s industry at any time of the year and I thought I’d share a few of my recent faunal finds…

Mrs Bow Pillow

Mrs Bow Pillow by Krethaus
Argentina is definitely a hot spot in the children’s world right now and Krethaus is one of the leading players. I fell in love with their gorgeous nursery furniture and bedding last year and I’m delighted to see that they have expanded their pillow range. How cute are these foxes? I want them all now!

Bear Face

Bear Face by Marina Maminas
Although not a product per se, I love this photo of Marina Maminas’ daughter playing with one of her handmade bear faces. Marina is another rising star from Argentina and her plush portfolio is both varied and inspiring, so do take a peek.  Big bear face wall hangings would be rather sweet though, don’t you think?

Crocheted Snail

Crocheted Snail by Miga de Pan for Kireei Magazine
Have you ever seen anything so adorable as this crocheted snail? Miga de Pan’s work (again from Argentina) needs no introduction, everything she makes is incredibly beautiful, but I thought this creature was really outstanding and very, very cute!

Cardboard Toys

Cardboard Toys from KartonKarton
Watch out for KartonKarton, a fledgling company I found through Emma&Rob. They will be launching a small range of animal toys this Spring, designed and engineered by Mercer Quinteros. There’s no shortage of cardboard products on the market now but I can’t say I’ve ever come across a swan or a crab yet – fun!

Animal Wallpaper

Animals Wallpaper by Minakani Lab
Minakani’s Animals wallpaper isn’t brand new, but wow what a menagerie and what a statement! I love the modern, graphic vibe and can definitely see this in a modern play area or on a feature wall in a child’s room. Love!

Pictured at top of post: Large Miffy Lamp by Mr Maria.