The Art of Balance

Las Sillas Chair Game by Ludus Ludi

Phew! Yet another deadline that I only just managed to meet… As adults, parents, and professionals, we all know how life can sometimes feel like one big balancing act. Every day we perform multiple roles, juggling countless responsibilities and multitasking to perfection. The to-do list only gets longer, and time is never on our side. (Insert Machiavelic laugh here!)

So, all work and no play? I hope not. Learning to unwind, forget the rules, and think outside the box is essential to maintaining that all-important equilibrium we all strive for. Play can be therapeutic, educational, and fun–at any age. Here are a few picks from the beautiful & modern Ludus Ludi collection of toys, designed for both little and big kids alike.

A Escada Ladder & Board Game by Ludus Ludi

A Escada Ladder & Board Game
A game of patience, discovery and exploration. Once you figure out how to balance the wooden board on the ladder, this simple set becomes an open toy you can experiment with using counterweights (keys, an egg, etc.) or board substitutes (a spoon, a knife, etc.). The possibilities are endless and amusing. Definitely one for the curious!

Los Taburetes Stool Balancing Game

Los Taburetes Stool Balancing Game
Inspired by the naturally balanced structure of a tree, this game consists of twelve colored stools with wooden legs. Stack them to form any construction you like. Again, the idea is to concentrate and experiment. After all, no two trees are alike.

El Bosque Forest Game by Ludus Ludi

El Bosque Forest Game
Based on the popular Jenga game, El Bosque includes 51 wooden blocks, each engraved with the name of the tree and the place the wood came from. Beautiful to look at and stimulating to play, this heirloom-quality game is designed to arouse curiosity and develop the senses.

Las Escalaras Ladder Game by Ludus Ludi

Las Escalaras Ladder Game
Onwards and upwards! Ladders lift us up to take us to new heights, and this set of 16 Escalaras will challenge your imagination as you try new constructions to master the art of balance. It’s amazing what you can do with well-designed compressed cardboard!

Les Escuadras Right-Angle Game by Ludus Ludi

Les Escuadras Right-Angle Game
You really do need to have a good look at all the product photos for this toy to get an idea of its true potential. Move one piece to create one new position, and your perspective will shift entirely.  Again, the possibilities are endless. The perfect distraction to place on your desk!

Available internationally, all Ludus Ludi toys are designed and produced by the Pico Pao workshop in a small village in Spain. You can find a complete list of retailers on the Ludus Ludi website.

Pictured at top of post: Las Sillas Chair Game by Ludus LudiA big thanks to Petits Petits Tresors for introducing us to these wonderful toys!