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All You Need Is Love, Instagram Food Art by Hong Yi

If you enjoyed our post on breakfast artist Idafrosk, you’ll love this work by Instagram foodie Hong Yi.

Instagram Food Art by Hong Yi

During the month of March, she challenged herself to create an original illustration every day with two constraints: the image had to be made entirely of food, and the backdrop had to be a white plate. She created landscapes, animals, scenes, and homages to pop culture.

Here’s a peek at a few favorites…

Instagram Food Art by Hong Yi

An owl made from sliced onions.

Landscape scene made from a single cucumber by Hong Yi

Cucumber Landscape
A landscape scene made from a single cucumber. Amazing!

Instagram food art by Hong Yi,  made of chopped carrots, white radish and dried prunes

Hello There, Richard Parker!
chopped carrots, white radish, and dried prunes

Campbell's Soup, Instagram Food Art by Hong Yi

Campbell’s Soup
ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, and oyster sauce

Pictured at top of post: “All You Need Is Love,” made using cherry tomatoes, nori, and soy sauce.

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