Easy Recycling Crafts For Kids

DIY Tiny Sumo Wrestler Bowling Pins for Kids, made from recycled plastic bottles - too cute!

Plastic Bottle Sumo Bowling Pins
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I’m totally in love with these tiny sumo wrestler bowling pins. Your kids are sure to get a kick out of setting the little wrestlers up, knocking them down, and watching them roll around…again and again. Simple craft, big fun!

DIY Cereal Box Animal Printables -  fun recycled craft for kids

Recycled Cereal Box Animal Printables
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Got some empty cereal boxes? Why let all that cardboard go to waste when you can reuse it to create your own zoo? Stronger than paper, cereal boxes provide the additional stability your little animals need to stay on their feet.

DIY Cardboard Whale & Bunny Tissue Box Holders

Recycled Cardboard Whale & Bunny Tissue Box Holders
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These cute  and colorful tissue box holders are the perfect craft to cheer up your little ones during sick days. But why stop at whale and bunny? Encourage them to use their imagination and create animal shapes of their own!