DIY Mobiles

DIY Mobile by Loflov

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest contributor Mari Richards, an award-winning toy designer, mom, and author of the fantastic blog Small for Big. Enjoy!

Hi everyone! I am overjoyed to be contributing here at Handmade Charlotte, and I can’t thank Rachel enough for the chance to join one of my all-time favorite blogs. Thanks, Rachel!

Ever since my first exposure to Alexander Calder, I have had an ongoing love affair with mobiles. Their gentle movements, mysterious balance, and ability to float above all of my mundane chores makes them pretty inspirational. Plus, of course, they’re a beautiful addition to any kid’s room.

I’ve moved beyond the idea that mobiles need to stay in kids’ rooms, though, and firmly believe we need a mobile in our living room, too. Each of these DIY mobiles would be a perfect addition – for kids’ rooms, living rooms, or anywhere you’d like a little movement and design.

DIY Mobile by Loftlov

Handmade Feather Mobile
via loflov

There aren’t specific DIY instructions for this handmade wall mobile – and the other mobiles Stefania featured in her post – but the construction looks simple enough. The feathers are my absolute favorite. They reinforce that whole idea of floating!

Easy DIY Cardboard Mobile by Scandinavian Deko

Easy Cardboard Mobile
via scandinavian deko

With a link to the geometric shapes included, all you need to find are the cross beams and some cardstock. What color would you choose for your shapes?

DIY Eames-Inspired Mobile via Facing North with Gracia

Eames-Inspired Mobile
via facing north with gracia

Gracia looked directly to original Eames imagery for her inspiration, and the resulting mobile is a perfect mod classic. Plus, it looks fairly simple to make.

DIY Paper Cloud Mobile via HGTV

DIY Paper Cloud Mobile
via hgtv

I’m a little shocked to be including a link to HGTV, but I can’t deny it, this cloud mobile is simple and adorable. It looks like a quick project – the only thing that will take lots of time is cutting out all of those clouds!

DIY Pom Pom Chandelier via Small for Big

DIY Pom Pom Chandelier
via small for big

This chandelier post from my contributor, Bar, over on my blog is just so fabulous, I had to make sure to give her props here as well. The colors and the scale are so epic and amazing!

DIY Geometric Mobile via Rotkehlchen

DIY Geometric Mobile
via rotkehlchen

At first, I thought this mobile was created using the Himmeli mobile technique (check out the DIY Himmeli Mobile on The Red Jet), with straws and string. But in fact, they’re simply toothpicks and glue. The bright pops of color and super geo shapes are so refreshing.

Pictured at top of post: another lovely handmade mobile by Loflov.