Celebrate Family Crafts With FamilyFun

Cute Food for Kids via FamilyFun Magazine

If you love to craft and you have kids, chances are you’ve already drooled over, pinned, or posted one of the countless crafts or recipes from FamilyFun Magazine. What’s not to love? Tiny animals made from cookies, gold fish crackers swimming on frosting… nothing is more guaranteed to bring sheer delight to the heart of a child.

Needless to say, we were beyond excited when they asked us to guest pin on the FamilyFun Pinterest boards for the next three months. Yay!

If there’s one place where FamilyFun really shines, it’s the super cute recipes and treats for kids. We decided to kick things off with a few of our favorites…

Woodland Pudding Cups for Kids via FamilyFun Magazine

Woodland Pudding Cups
What you need: oval-shaped sandwich cookie (like a Pepperidge Farm Milano), sliced almonds, peanut butter chips, chocolate frosting, and chocolate wafer cookie crumbs.

Visit FamilyFun for the full tutorial & recipe.

Sweet Seedlings via FamilyFun Magazine

Sweet Seedlings
What you need: mini terra-cotta pots, cupcakes, chocolate frosting, crushed chocolate wafers, green Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews, blue Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews, and marshmallows.

Visit FamilyFun for the full tutorial & recipe.

Sleepover Pies for Kids via FamilyFun Magazine

Sleepover Pies
What you need: pie crust, jam, and icing.

Visit FamilyFun for the full tutorial & recipe.

Photo credits: Woodland Putting Cups (Doug Merriam), Sweet Seedlings (Ed Judice), Sleepover Pies (Ronnie Andren).