The Many Lives Of Nail Polish

DIY Marbled Mini Clay Bowls via Paper & Stitch

There is something very satisfying about the amazing array of glossy nail polish colors right now. For a color fanatic like me, it’s much more than a fashion statement. It’s a chance to collect a huge collection of colors for semi-practical and affordable purposes. Honestly, I wish I could wear them all at once.

Maybe that’s why DIY projects using nail polish are so inspiring—because you CAN mix your nail polish colors (without the addition of masking tape, crazy nail tutorials, and hours of time just for a 3-day manicure that will chip). These projects will last much longer than a mani, and many of them are great projects for kids to make as gifts.

DIY Rainbow Hair Accessories Using Nail Polish

Rainbow Hair Accessories
via Club Chica Circle

My daughter would go gaga for these—anything rainbow is tops in her book. Plus, these are easy to make and remake when she looses them, which appears to be a theme around our house.

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Planters

Marbled DIY Planters
via Henry Happened

Take those boring terra cotta pots and up the ante with this quick project. I think kids would love watching these “magically” appear out of the bucket, don’t you? I know I would.

DIY Washer Necklaces (using nail polish)

DIY Washer Necklaces
via Small for Big

Bar revamps washers into the most beautiful colors, and the addition of the striped cording and well-placed beads makes them extra special. I’m so happy she was able to share these on my blog!

DIY Nail Polish Art

DIY Nail Polish Art
via Dare to Daydream

Pollock-loving Artistes will enjoy this update on a classic – the glossy colors and neon options will make these canvases look amazing. I wonder how they’d look if you put down a base color in acrylic first?

DIY Marbled Mini Clay Bowls

Marbled Mini Clay Bowls
via Paper & Stitch (also pictured at top of post)

These bowls are my all-time favorite, because even the base is handmade. She used oven-bake clay, but I bet air dry clay would work just as well. And I know these would make the best gifts for any member of the family.