Top Bunks

a quad of bunk beds in a bunk room for kids (via lonny magazine)

The top bunks in this quad of bunk beds are as easy to access as the lower level—minus the scary ladder. (via Lonny Magazine, March 2013)

a children's bed / library unit bunk combo

A library unit sits on top of a children’s bed in this avant-garde makeover of a 19th-century London townhouse. (via Architectural Digest)

Bohemian bunk beds (queen size!) in Swedish stylist Jannifer Jansch's summer house

These queen-size bohemian bunk beds from Swedish stylist Jennifer Jansch’s summer home were built by a local carpenter to accommodate as many guests as possible. (via Lonny Magazine, March 2013)

A built-in children's bed with a trundle bed in a drawer underneath for sleepovers

Also from Jennifer Jansch’s summer home, this built-in bed in her daughter Celeste’s bedroom features a trundle bed in the drawer under the bed for sleepovers. (via Lonny Magazine, March 2013)

triple bunk beds nestled in the wall of a lakeside family getaway

Triple bunk beds nestled in the wall of a lakeside family getaway by designer Heather Chadduck.

simple cabin bunks (via sarah sherman samuel of smitten studio)

Simple cabin bunks designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel. Be sure to follow the progress of her fabulous cabin renovation on her website!