8 Awesome Outdoor DIY Projects for Kids

8 Awesome Outdoor DIY Projects for Kids

With summer in full gear, it’s getting harder and harder to entertain the kids. But before you let them park it in front of the TV or gaming console, here are eight super fun & kid-approved DIY project ideas to keep them entertained outdoors, in the fresh air.

diy sandbox on casters

DIY Modern Sandbox on Casters
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Build your little one the sandbox of their dreams. It’s basically like a raised garden bed, but filled with play sand instead of soil and edible plants for countless hours of fun. The casters make it easy to move and store, and you can even sew a cover to avoid bugs and friendly visits from the neighbor’s cat.

DIY Outdoor Reading Shade Tent for Kids

DIY Outdoor Reading Corner
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Set up a reading spot in the shade for your prince or princess. You can use a shower curtain and its metal ring or sew your own. Summer reading will be a walk in the park!

DIY Outdoor Shower for Kids

DIY Outdoor Shower
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Hot and sticky outside? Set up an outdoor shower for the kids in minutes and let them play in the water. Fun guaranteed, no flotation device required!

DIY Outdoor Climbing Wall for Kids

DIY Outdoor Climbing Wall
visit the wright family for details

If you have a “dead” outdoor wall, why not let your little adventurer climb Mount Everest in the backyard? Make sure the landing ground is soft (or add a padded mattress in case of a fall).

DIY Outdoor Music Station for Kids

DIY Outdoor Music Station
visit fun at home with kids for details

Create a music station for your little Beethoven using kitchen utensils. Now that looks like fun!

DIY Outdoor Hanging Bed for Kids

DIY Outdoor Hanging Bed
visit mommo design for details (also pictured at top of post)

Your little one will demand his or her nap time if it’s in one of these awesome hanging beds! A pallet, a tree, a harness, and some elbow grease, and bonne nuit les petits!

DIY Backyard Tiki Toss Game for Kids

DIY Lawn Games
via see jane blog, no longer online

How about a DIY Tiki Toss game? This project will keep the entire family entertained!

DIY Backyard Games: Giant Checkerboard

DIY Giant Backyard Checkers
via traditional home, no longer online

And finally, another DIY project for both kids and adults alike! If you have enough space in the backyard, create the setting for a serious game of backyard checkers. Team the parents against the kids and let the entire family go to town!

Happy summer!