7 Creative Ways To Paint Rocks

7 Creative Ways To Decorate Rocks | Handmade Charlotte

I’ve always loved rocks. I think it’s a fascination for many kids—at least, I see my daughter following in my footsteps (she prefers to collect them from every parking lot we visit?). But for me it’s become more than that. From soft river rocks to the large smooth stones of Lake Superior, I have a bit of an obsession.

DIY Stone Dolls / Painted Rocks via maya made

In fact, we gave painted rocks as wedding favors. So, it’s no surprise that this week’s DIY collection is all about painted rocks. I can’t get enough. I have an entire collection of blank rocks just waiting for paint. But sometimes a gal needs a spark to get the creative juices going. This list should do it—I think I’ll be trying these sweet, simple Stone Dolls from maya*made first!

DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Rocks via Eighteen 25

Tic-Tac-Toe Rocks
via Eighteen 25

This is the simplest craft – and perfect for getting the kids involved, too. They can pick their own colors and patterns, as well as do the painting.

DIY Gold Leaf Rocks via Design*Sponge

Gold Leaf Rocks
via Design*Sponge

These gilded rocks are stunning, right? Maybe not the most kid-friendly project, but wow, a collection of these on a shelf or table would be inspirational.

DIY Rock People via Elke Dag Zaterdag

Rock People
via Merula

Turn your rocks into creative puzzles, like these rock people. Mix and match heads to the bodies. Or make three-part puzzles with heads, bodies, and feet for some extra matching fun!

DIY Crochet Rock via Pieces I Enjoy

Crocheted Rock
via Pieces I Enjoy

You can find finished rocks like these on Etsy as well, but this tutorial makes it seem doable on your own. That extra time and effort always adds so much to the finished piece.

DIY Rock Car Paperweights

Rock Car Paperweights
via La Classe de la Meastra Valentina

Bubble-shaped cars like these always make me smile. They’re just so much more friendly than the actual cars on the road. Plus, paperweights make a great gift from the kiddos.

DIY Painted Rocks via 100 Layer Cake

Painted Rocks
via 100 Layer Cake (also pictured at top of post)

Though there isn’t a tutorial, the icons and colors on these rocks are super inspirational. I love the combo of metallic and white!

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate rocks? Share in the comments!