Back-To-School: 6 DIY Alphabet Projects

Back-To-School DIY: Build an alphabet museum to let your child associate letters an objects

The back-to-school ads have started, and we’ve already gone through all the paperwork for my daughter’s next year of Montessori school. In other words, summer is fading fast. It’s the hardest lesson of August for me, because no one is ever ready for summer to end, right?

Well, maybe we can prep for school in fun ways—like making the alphabet a little more interesting. Here’s a collection of DIY crafts and projects that let kids play with their letters (and you can sneak in a little learning as they play).

DIY Back-To-School Alphabet Tote

Alphabet Heart Tote
via Studs and Pearls

Need an extra tote for all those after school activities? Make one together with your child with this quick tutorial. The heart shape would be a big hit with my little girl!

DIY Back To School Alphabet Necklace

DIY Alphabet Necklace
via Runway DIY

Apparently, these alphabet necklaces are a total fashion trend? Personally, I think the kids will like these more than most of their parents. Just think of all the crazy words you can spell!

DIY Back To School Alphabet Rocks

Alphabet Rocks
via Thrive 360 Living

Okay, we had painted rocks last week as well. But these are just perfect for sitting down with the kids and working on their letters—the embossed detailing looks like fun, too.

DIY Alphabet Stomp Mat

Alphabet Stomp Mat
via Just One Mom Trying

What a fabulous idea—it’s like Twister using the alphabet! I’d choose a different color palette and maybe some old-fashioned stencils from the hardware store for our version.

DIY Origami Alphabet

Origami Alphabet
via Love. Luck. Kisses & Cake

Here’s a great activity for the older kids—I remember when I was uber-fascinated with origami as a child. Make the entire set for a younger sibling, or spell out a favorite phrase.

Pictured at top of post: Alphabet Museum from FamilyFun magazine.