8 Clever Ways To Display Your Child’s Books

DIY Bookshelf Tree // via 101 woonideeen

Got a junior book collector in the house? Here are eight fun and original ways to display all of those colorful children’s book covers!

Bookshelf Ideas for Kids' Rooms // narrow book ledge

Narrow Book Ledge
via Carine Kaurin

Kid-decor blogger Carine Kaurin displays her baby’s books facing out on these narrow ledge shelves. A simple, elegant way to make the books the highlight of the room!

Bookshelf Ideas for Kids' Rooms - Tree Bookshelf

Tree Bookshelf
via Design Artist

A magical tree filled with books—how cool is that? This bookshelf makes a statement fit for any child’s room.  The books can be placed spine out, stacked, or leaned and complemented by a cherished toy or two.

IKEA Hacks: Spice Rack Bookshelves

IKEA Hack: Spice Rack Bookshelves
via Supergail

Built-in bookshelves don’t have to be expensive or custom-made. These clever shelves were made using $4 Ikea Bekväm spice racks and hung to be easily accessed by the smallest of the board book enthusiasts. Great for toy storage, too!

;DIY Book Bin for Kids (made from a drawer)

DIY Book Bin
via dejiligheder

Speaking of repurposing, how about using a simple drawer fit with short legs as a book bin. Position it at just the right height so kids can easily dig around for their favorite reads.

Bookshelf Ideas for Kids' Rooms // low-lying wooden shelves via jordan ferney

Low-Lying Wooden Shelves
via A Cup of Joe

Oh Happy Day! blogger Jordan Ferney, at the time living in a 500 sq. ft. apartment in San Francisco with her husband and two sons, knows a thing or two about optimal storage. She purchased these low-lying wooden shelves from BOOK/SHOP for her kids’ shared room.

Newsstand-Style Corner Display Rack for Kids

Newsstand-Style Corner Display Rack
via Craft and Creativity

For the ultimate space saver, convert an entire wall to book storage, adding a lot of color and eye candy to a room. This style of shelving is especially great since it can make use of “dead” corners in a room, where no furniture would fit.

Bookshelf Ideas for Kids' Rooms // bookshelf city playscape

Bookcase City Playscape
Cityscape decals available from Les Enfants du Design for $65

Book storage doesn’t always have to be all about books. Here the shelves (two Ikea Kallax shelving units side-by-side would work nicely) double as a toy-car highway, thanks to a well-placed J’habite ici sticker by Les Enfants du Design.

Pictured at top of post: DIY Tree Bookshelf via 101 Woonideeen.