DIY Felt Clutch With Neon Accents

DIY felt clutch

Whether used for stashing money for a school lunch or a workday latté, this easy-to-make felt clutch will make a perfect companion for you or your little one.

DIY Felt Clutch

Okay, so you’ve styled an outfit and it’s cute and all, but it could still use that something extra to, you know, add a splash. That’s where this little clutch comes in. Created from a felt place mat, this fab clutch adds flavor by way of its neon accents and special shape. You can make it in less than an hour for exactly 2$, no special sewing skills required. Promise.


What You Need

  • Felt circle
  • Zipper
  • Neon cord
DIY Felt Clutch

Step 1
Make little cuts along the zipper’s edge as shown. This will make it easier to sew onto the felt.

Step 2
Fold your felt circle in half and lay the zipper along the open edge of the felt (you might want to pin it in place). Start sewing.

Step 3
Repeat on the other side of the felt. Now that you have sewn the zipper, you should have two open spaces on each side of it.

Step 4
Sew both sides, right-sides up, closed. (The thick felt prevents you from sewing inside out and inverting.) If you’d like to add a label, include it on the bottom side of the clutch.

Step 5
Cut two pieces of neon silk cord, one for the left side of the zipper, one for the right side.

Step 6
Using scissors, push one end of the cord through the felt at one end of the zipper.

Step 7
Pull it through and make a knot at the end.

Step 8
Push the two edges of your clutch slightly apart and press the cord in between. You can use tiny dots of fabric glue to hold the cord in place.

DIY Felt Clutch

There you have it: fast fashion. Now you’re ready to take on the city!