DIY Chore Board

DIY Chore Chart

No matter who you are—working parent with toddler, stay-at-home parent with school-aged kiddos—let’s face it, you have stuff to do! Luckily when it comes to getting help with household chores, the benefits go beyond getting the work done. Many an article has been published in the last few years talking about how children who are entrusted with chores are more caring and grounded.

DIY Chore Board

So, inspired by our own household workload and a handy Do-It-Herself Workshop over at Home Depot, we designed this easy-to-make DIY Chore Board to provide your family with team spirit and motivation to tackle regular household chores with gusto—and it looks great too!

DIY Chore Board

With thoughtful planning (enter our easy-to-make Chore Board tutorial) and consideration, chores can be not only educational but also fun. Turn on some music, assign meaningful work, and watch a family collaboration thrive and a house become ordered.

DIY Chore Board

With only a few tools and materials, easily gathered from a quick trip to your local Home Depot, here’s how you can make your own Chore Board in no time at all!

What You Need

  • 2  x 4–foot sheet of plywood (they’ll cut it for you at your local Home Depot)
  • (2) 2-inch sections from a wood dowel, 2 inches in diameter
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Envelopes (we sewed our own using scrap fabric)
  • 2-inch-x-2-foot strip of wood (for chalk rail)
  • 1/4 inch 10 x 2–inch dowel screws
  • Chalk
  •  2-1/8-inch hole saw
  • Drill

Step 1
Starting 2 inches from the top corners of the sheet of plywood, drill a hole on either side using the 2-1/8-in. hole saw. This will allow you to hang the Chore Board from the dowels.

Step 2
Paint half of the Chore Board with chalkboard paint. Next, attach the wooden chalk rail by nailing it from the back.

Step 3
Attach your envelopes on the other side of the Chore Board. This is where your child will “draw” their chores then stick them to the chart for added interactivity and fun. We made our envelopes using scrap fabric. We also added a large rubber band in the center of the board for storing completed chores and other notes.

Step 4
Insert the dowel screws into the dowel sections and place them on the wall where you’d like to display your Chore Board. Hang up your Chore Board and get the kids to work!

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