Denim Blues

Denim Wall Organizer for Kids

Denim isn’t just for jeans! Here’s a collection of denim finds to dress up your kid’s room.

Inspired by the city of Nîmes, France—which claims to be the birthplace of one of the world’s most popular fabrics, denim, or “serge de nîmes” as it was originally known—I’ve rounded up 6 inspiring denim finds perfect for any child’s room.

Patch­work Denim Play Blocks

Patchwork Denim Play Blocks
Available from Blu Bloxx starting at $33

I fell in love with these giant foam play blocks when I first saw them. Designed by Dutch company Blu Bloxx, these attractive, sustainable toys are made from old, used jeans. The soft but sturdy blocks are decorated with removable, washable covers made to last.

Denim World Map Duffel Bag

Denim World Map Duffel Bag
Available for $119 from Les Copirates

This duffel bag—made in the city of Nîmes—would not only make for an original travel or sports bag but would also look pretty cool hanging up in teen’s room. More denim-inspired products are due out this week form the ladies at Les Copirates as part of the Denîmes collection.

Patchwork Denim Jingle Bells for Kids

Patchwork Denim Jingle Bells
Available for $8 each from AnnsIYarnForYou

As always, Etsy is a great place to start if you are looking for upcycled children’s products. While seventies-style patchwork denim quilts are quite popular, I fell for these simple jingle bells made from recycled jeans instead. I love the high-contrast patchwork effect—perfect for baby’s developing visual acuity.

Denim Toy Animals by Maison Indigo

Denim Animals by Maison Indigo
Available for $68 from Leuie

Maison Indigo, an up-and-coming Dutch company, stole our hearts with its unique collection of denim animals sewn by people with disabilities. I love all three quirky characters (an anteater, elephant, and fox), and I’m pleased to see them making their way abroad into beautiful shops like Leuie in Canada.

Denim Bean Bag Chair and Patchwork Rug by Cox & Cox

Denim Bean Chair
Available for $133 from Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox will be adding two new denim products to their kids’ range this fall. Check out this big, comfy denim bean chair complete with jean pockets and the striking Cox & Cox made from recycled jeans (available in October). More smart teen-room finds!

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