DIY Geometric Keychain

DIY Geometric Keyrings

These key rings are great way to jazz up the ultimate everyday accessory—your keys! You not only get to add a bit of style to your trusty set, but the size and color of the painted wood make it easy to find in a crowded backpack or drawer. In just six easy steps you can whip up a set for the whole family!

DIY Geometric Key Chain DIY Geometric Key Chain

What You Need

  • Drill
  • Steel wire
  • Acrylic paint
  • Clasps
  • Wood slices
  • Masking tape
  • Pliers

DIY Geometric Key Chain

Step 1
Give your wood slices a white base coat.

Step 2
Use masking tape to tape off random sections, then paint the sections different colors. Let the paint dry completely.

Step 3
Drill a small hole at the top part of the wood, just big enough to comfortably fit the steal wire.

Step 4
Cut 4-inch long pieces of wire.

Step 5
Make a loop and slide both ends into a  metal clasp.

Step 6
Secure the clasp using pliers.

There you have it. Easy, right? Enjoy!