PLAYOFFICE: Learn By Playing

Awesome bookcase for kids with built-in reading nooks

Through a child’s eyes, bathtubs are for swimming, walls are for painting, furniture is for climbing, and beds are for jumping. Not only do the designers at Madrid-based PLAYOFFICE wholeheartedly agree, it’s in their manifesto.

Take a look at these amazing children’s spaces and objects they’ve designed and you just might find yourself agreeing as well…

Awesome bookcase for kids with built-in reading nooks

Secret Reading Wardrobe
Growing up, the family bookcase was the starting point for all my adventures. I can only imagine how cool it would’ve been to be able to crawl inside the bookcase itself!

paper roll / frame for kids instantly puts their artwork on display

Frame It
This ingenious frame gives kids the instant satisfaction of seeing their work framed and on display in the family art gallery.

Reading Net for Kids

Reading Net
Another perfect way to enjoy a good book. Who needs chairs, anyway?

a literal music box for kids - soundproofing keeps parents sane while kids make noise

Music Box
A literal interpretation of the music box—soundproofing keeps parents sane while the kids make noise.

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