7 Super Fun School Supplies

fun school supplies: handmade rubber stamps // via etsy

Now that school is in full swing, surprise your kids with these super fun supplies! They’ll have a blast writing, stamping, and clipping.

Yay! School is in full swing and I hope your kids are enjoying it. My son is loving his new school and all the new friends he has been making—I know it’s not always that easy. Surprise your kids with one of these 7 fun and cool school supplies. Let them know how awesome they’ve been doing—or maybe motivate them to do their homework!

Fun School Supplies: Colour Notes by Scholten & Baijings

Color Notes by Scholten & Baijings
Available for $5.25 per pad from Hay

Indexing ideas, taking notes, or bookmarking a page has never looked so good. These lovely sticky notes come in fun shapes and colors. Studying just became fun again!

Fun School Supplies: Numberclips via moma store

Available for $5 from the MoMA Store

Stay organized with these cute numbered paperclips—they will surely brighten up any project or document.

Fun School Supplies: Moby Whale Stapler

Moby Whale Stapler by Hagai Zakai
Available for $19 from Monkey Business

Not only is this whale-shaped stapler good looking, but it is also cleverly designed to store your extra staples. I don’t know about you, but I can never remember where I put mine.

Fun School Supplies: Erasers by Franco-Teque

Erasers by Franco-Teque
Available for $7 from La Papeterie Française

Maybe making mistakes will be more enjoyable when you can erase them with these colorful erasers? Or perhaps you’ll avoid making them because these are so good looking!

Fun School Supplies: Real Boy Pins

Real Boy Pins
Available for $11 (for two pins) from Duncan Shotton

These Pinocchio push-pins are just too cute. Maybe they’ll remind your kids not to lie about whether they’ve finished their homework! Everything Duncan Shotton designs is fun and clever.

Fun School Supplies: Catapult Pen (via urban outfitters)

Catapult Pen

Available for $6 from Urban Outfitters

Seriously, what kid wouldn’t love this catapult pencil? Though, you might want to keep it at home—you don’t want to be the cause of your kid being suspended!

Pictured at the top of this post: Let your kids tell the world they are happy with these handmade rubber stamps. They’ll put a smile on everyone’s faces. Available for $18 from Etsy seller Em Dash Paper Co.