5 Spooky Spider Web Projects for Halloween

DIY Sharpie Spider Web Platter

Before my daughter arrived, my husband and I were the couple who turned out all the lights and hid in our bedroom watching movies on Halloween night. But now, I’ve turned into the mom who wants to celebrate. And now that it’s officially October, we can talk about Halloween without seeming overeager!

However, I don’t want cheap orange and black decorations cluttering up our house. I am bound and determined to find All Hallow’s Eve decor that somehow isn’t too cutesy, isn’t too scary, and isn’t too hard to make. In that search, I’ve discovered an affinity for spider webs! They meet all the above criteria, and they can range from super graphic and modern to dew-kissed and magical. Check out these DIY’s for a glimpse at some of my favorites!

DIY Sticks and Twine Spiderweb

DIY Sticks and Twine Spider Webs
via Small for Big

Last year I made these on my own, but I think this year I’ll see if my daughter wants to help me—collecting the sticks is super fun too!

DIY Halloween Spiderweb Headdress

DIY Halloween Spider Web Headdress
via El Hada de Papel

Though my daughter’s school doesn’t allow Halloween costumes, I could see this simple headband as a great way to show a little spirit.

DIY Spiderwebs Made From Trashbags

DIY Trash Bag Spider Webs
via How About Orange

I’ll be adding these to our repertoire this year—what an easy, yet impressive, decor idea! Even if we use our white trash bags instead of black, they’ll be smashing.

DIY Lace Spiderwebs

DIY Lace Spider Webs
via Woman’s Day

Okay, this project is the most froufrou of the bunch, but they really are pretty. Plus, their more subtle approach is perfect for early fall decorating, even when Halloween is still weeks away.

DIY Spiderweb Garland

DIY Spider Web Garland
via Small for Big

Okay, yes, you can tell I like spider webs when I create a post about multiple DIY’s on the topic! Even if you don’t follow the exact measurements shown in the tutorial, this garland looks great without overwhelming a room—I can’t wait to put ours up!

DIY Glitter Glue Spiderweb

DIY Glitter Glue Spider Web
via Thrifty Fun

My daughter loves highly detailed coloring projects, so I may try this tracing idea with glitter glue for her—peeling it off the wax paper sounds so satisfying too.

Pictured at the top of this post: DIY Sharpie Spider Web Platter via Eighteen25.