12 Ideas for Indoor Play

Indoor Play Swing

Fall is a still a great time to let kids enjoy outdoor playing. You can ask them to help rake the fallen leaves in the yard and let them enjoy the fresh breeze. But when the weather prevents them from going outside for their daily dose of exercise and sports, how about some indoor gymnastics and other fun structures?

Here is a round up of our favorite indoor swings and gym accessories. Who knows, you may find out you have a future Olympic gymnast at home and you didn’t even know it!

Indoor Swing

Beam Swing
via Madog Bolig

This minimalist approach to this swing is great for a common playroom where you want to add a subtle touch of fun.

Indoor Doorjam Swing

Indoor Doorjam Swing
via Varpunen

Lack of space doesn’t have to stop you from installing a swing—any old door jam will do. I love how this monochromatic look allows an otherwise imposing object to blend right in.

Indoor Swing

Plank Swing
via 101 Woonideeën

Swings are a favorite gender-blind accessory to kids’ play spaces. This plank swing adds a bit of rustic to the room. The hardest part will be deciding whose turn it is among siblings. Countless hours of guaranteed fun!

Indoor Play Ladder

DIY Kid’s Ladder
tutorial available from BoligLiv

These mounted pallets double as a play ladder and storage space. If kids aren’t interested in hanging around on it, you can ditch the cloth wraps and hang plants and books on it instead.

swing charlotte4 Photo by Krista Keltanen via designmilk

Wall Hanging
via designmilk

A Swedish gymnastics wall-mounted ladder brings instant fun and lots of workouts!

Swing Hooks

Swing Hooks
available for $135 from the Collection

These mobile swing hooks by Chevalier Masson can be attached—and just as easily removed—to a room’s ceiling beams.

KIds Indoor Playsets

There are many other options to entertain your kid indoors, from gymnast rings to a floating ladder to a climbing wall.

Indoor Hanging Rings

Gymnastic Rings
via Bolig Pluss

These gymnastic rings are a great way for big kids to take a healthy homework break.

Indoor Rope Ladder

Rope Ladder
via Femke Pastijn

A suspended ladder inspires random doses of exercise and makes for an interesting installment in any room.

Indoor Climbing Tree

Climbing Tree
via Kaja Osholm Kjølås

We’re loving the Buskas climbing tree by Norwegian designer Kaja Osholm Kjølas—sadly still only a prototype at this time.

Colorful Indoor Climbing Wall

Colorful Climbing Wall
via Femina

What a cleaver way to tire kids out just in time for lights out! Kids will love scaling into bed with this colorful climbing wall.

Indoor Tire Swing

Indoor Tire Swing
via Skona Hem

A simple tire swing attached to a ceiling stud will also do the trick!

Pictured at the top of this post: High and Low Swings via Melanie Acevedo