6 Amazing Kids’ Rooms

lovely kid's room via dos family

Check out these 6 fun & original ideas for adding touches of color and texture to your child’s room!

I am always looking for inspiration when it comes to decorating my child’s room. I wish my style was more Scandinavian, sleek, and modern, but I always end up with a mix and match look. What do you look for in a child’s bedroom? Here are 6 bedrooms that would put a smile on any kid’s face and encourage hours of play and a good nights sleep.

lovely kid's room via 101woonideeen

Cozy Colors
I have always been fond of the color turquoise; it’s a really nice option for both boys and girls spaces. In this room, via 101Woonideeen, it really makes the sleeping nook so cozy.

lovely kid's room

Muted Rooms That Pop
Muted colors work nicely in child’s space too. This room, via Sister Agency, might be gray, but it’s also still playful. The leopard poster and colored pillows make this room pop and fun. I love this for a boy’s or girl’s room.

lovely kid's room

Feature Walls
The featured wall in this fun room, via Julie Ansiau, is fantastic. The color is great and so are all the little details. I love having small collections of toys on display.

lovely kid's room

Mix & Match Colors & Textures
The mix and match of colors and textures are great in this room, via Fantastik Frank. I love the wallpaper and all the shelving as well. I dream of white floors, but I currently rent my little apartment so I will keep on dreaming for now.

lovely kid's room

A Splash Of Stylish Chalkboard Paint
I am huge fan of black in kids rooms—it always feels right. This chalkboard wall paired with the vintage bed, as well as all the subtle details, give this room, via One More Mushroom, so much style.

Pictured at the top of this post: This room, via Dos Family, screams fun and cool at the same time. I love all the elements, and it looks like these kids know how to have fun!