Eat, Play & Wear Your Veggies!

Knitted Veggie Pillows

Here are some amazing fruits and vegetables sure to please any child (even those picky eaters!). Some are to decorate, some are to play with, and others are to wear. What a great way to get that dose of that vitamin C, which is most needed at this time of the year!

Giant Crochet Fruit & Veggies

Giant Crochet Fruit & Veggies
available from Anne Petit Claire

Anne Petit Claire creates the most amazing crochet toys and accessories—just check out these giant fruits and vegetables. Talk about adding a pop of color. What a great addition to any room.

Handmade Bobby Dazzler Fruit Plushies

Handmade Fruit Plushies
available  from Bobby Dazzler

Bobby Dazzler simply makes the coolest plushies. Have you ever seen such rad and hip fruits? Every plushie is handmade and one of kind with a story to tell. For the cool kids and the big kids, these are sure to please.

Upcycled Fruit & Veggie Set

Upcycled Fruit & Veggie Set
available for $14.58 from Oustitine on Etsy

Oustitine specializes in cute up-cycled toys, blankets, and accessories for your little ones. I particularly love this vegetable and fruit set, perfect for a kitchenette and hours of fun.

Knitted Veggie Brooches

Knitted Veggies
available for $24 from Oeuf

Oeuf creates the most amazing knitted goods, from clothing and accessories to toys and more. How cute are these brooches? Wear your vegetables proudly and look as sweet as a pea.

Handmade Fruit Pillows

Handmade Fruit Pillows
available for $19 from WinterPetals on Etsy

WinterPetals makes lovely nursery and children’s decor. Brighten up your kid’s room with the wide selection of handmade fruit pillows. These are just too cute, plush and soft, and ever so yummy.

Crochet Veggie Jewelry

Crochet Fruit & Vegetable Jewelry
via jungjung

JungJung creates the most intricate crochet jewelry. The fruits and vegetables are delightful. It is well worth spending some time on the website to see all the details and be amazed as well as inspired.

Fabric Fruit & Veggies

Handmade Fabric Vegetables
via Designboom

Scholten & Baijings created some vegetables out of fabric for an exhibition back in 2011. It is fascinating how realistic the collection looks and the amount of work that went into each piece. Mind blowing!

Handmade Veggie Plushies

Handmade Plush Vegetables
via Anisa Anakawa on Behance

Anisa Anakawa created these plush vegetables for a farmers market booth. How fun would these be in a play kitchen? They’re simple enough to make with some fabric scraps and a little imagination.

Pictured at the top of this post: Donna Wilson is the queen of all things cool and whimsical. Her knitted vegetable pillows are fun and quirky and would make any kid love his broccoli!