6 Playful Art Walls For Kids’ Rooms

Playful Mask Collection (great idea for wall art in a kid's room)

Some people say January is the most depressing time of the year. I know it can feel a little flat after Christmas, but I welcome the opportunity for a fresh start. The kids inevitably have new toys, books, and clothes to add to their rooms, so moving things around, paring down and giving  to charity are usually my first tasks for the year. Then comes the fun part: decorating!

We’re pretty minimal in our home, but I like the idea of creating just one feature wall in a child’s room. You don’t need much to create a strong focal point, just one good theme or playfully arranged collection can transform an entire room.

Here are a few simple ideas to inspire you to create a unique feature wall of your own.

Interactive Alphabet Wall Decal for Kids (via Etsy)

Interactive Alphabet Wall Decal
Available for $55 from The Lovely Wall on Etsy

Wall decals are a quick solution for a feature wall and have come such a long way over the past few years. There’s no shortage of designs to suit all tastes on sites such as etsy, and most are fully removable and reusable. This pack of 26 individual letters would go perfectly in a nursery or young child’s room. Fun!

Art for Kids' Rooms:  Natural History Framed Embroidered Butterflies (via The Land of Nod) Art for Kids' Rooms:  Natural History Framed Embroidered Bugs (via The Land of Nod)

Natural History Framed Wall Art
Available for $59.95 from The Land of Nod

If you’re not keen on decals, a group of prints will give instant visual appeal to a wall. Most kids love nature, so I have chosen a botanical print theme with these colorful bug and butterfly designs (there’s a third flower print as well). Use these as a starting point, and perhaps add a couple of cool vintage botanical school charts to mix genres?

Magnetic Chalkboard Wallpaper

Magnetic Chalkboard Wallpaper
vailable for $88 from Groovy Magnets

I love this magnetic chalkboard wallpaper and magnet set designed by Stein Seghers. The Fantasy Mobile kit includes 16 different washable magnets with pen drawings and a 50 x 50–inch piece of chalkboard wallpaper. Grab a piece of chalk, watch this short video for inspiration, then let your kids’ imagination do the rest!

Art for Kids' Rooms: Knitted Portraits via Collette Bream on Etsy

Collection of Knitted Portraits
Available for $158 each from Colette Bream on Etsy

Colette Bream’s colorful and quirky knits make me smile. I love the contrast between the old-world beaded gold frame and the bright, modern 100% lambswool design on these knitted portraits, and I can’t help thinking that a few of these would look fantastic grouped together on a wall in a child’s room. Colette has some gorgeous new portraits in her shop—time to start a new collection?

Children's Art Frame Wall Stickers

Children’s Art Frame Wall Stickers
Available for $14.50 from Artful Kids

Last but by no means least, why not fill an entire wall with your children’s artwork? I can’t imagine anything nicer, and I’m sure your little ones would be as pleased as punch to see their paintings “framed” in their very own, personal gallery!

Pictured at the top of this post: Speaking of collections, why not be inspired by your own kids’ finds and pool them together to create a feature wall as simple and as stunning as this modern gallery of masks that hangs in the home of Victoire Antonin and Christophe Castellani, a family featured on the fabulous design blog The Socialite Family.