Animal Snack Attack

Answer those growling tummies with a zoo’s worth of edible friends! These creative animal snacks are surprisingly simple to throw together, and every adorable detail is kid-friendly. Parents don’t have to resist these treats, either; the ingredients are just as nutritious as they are delicious.

Brown Pear Bear (fun & simple snack for kids)

Brown Pear Bear
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When pears are in season, there’s nothing better than that first plump, juicy bite. Encourage your kids to love pears too by turning the top into a bear snout and the plump base into a bear’s belly. All pears – and pear-shaped fruits – will technically work for this recipe, but a brown pear has exactly the right color scheme to make your Pear Bear look like your favorite teddy bear. Blueberry noses look especially good on this bear, but you should get creative with the eyes.

Bear S''mores  (fun & simple snack for kids)

Bear S’mores
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S’mores and bear sightings are usually limited to camping trips, but you can bring the woods into your kitchen with these easy little treats. They’re light on the chocolate and marshmallows, eliminating most of the mess – and sugar crashes – associated with traditional s’mores. If you have graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate chips, you’re all set. To make them extra special with detailed mouths, you’ll need chocolate frosting or Nutella and a steady hand.

Olive & Cheese Bumblebees (fun snacks for kids)

Olive & Cheese Bumblebees
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These bees get their black and yellow stripes from two of the most popular snack tray mainstays: black olives and slices of cheese. You’ll also need tiny dowels or toothpicks to hold them together, and cream cheese for the eyes and wings. The equipment depends on how detailed you want to get. If you want picture-perfect bumblebee eyes, a piping bag and food coloring marker will come in handy, but you can pull off this very recognizable treat without them.

Frozen Banana Penguins

Frozen Banana Penguins
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If you don’t have experience with melting or dipping chocolate, these might require some trial and error, but mistakes are just excuses to snack away. You’ll really want a taste of these banana penguins, too; they’re like a banana split without the ice cream. Reese’s Pieces make the best beaks and feet because they’re orange and round, but you can encourage your kids to think of other edible ingredients that would work for each of the parts. Just don’t forget to spray the foil or pan that you use to freeze the dipped bananas, so the penguins won’t have trouble getting out of their icy beds.