Home Design With Kids In Mind

Child's Door-Within-A-Door by Studio Karnhard

Every parent is challenged with the all-important task of child-proofing their home. But what are some of the ways we can adapt our homes to embrace a child’s inquisitive nature? These brilliant, simple ideas from the creative minds at Studio Karhard show how just one element designed with kids in mind can give bring a touch of magic to any space.

Child's Door-Within-A-Door by Studio Karnhard

Child’s Access Door

Take the door shown above, for example. Studio Karhard simply added a door within a door for easy access for the little ones in the house. Isn’t this brilliant? It instantly gives the impression of a secret door to a magical world. When the door is closed, all you notice is the little wooden elephant door knob that hints to the curious eye that the other side of this door is a child’s space.

Child's Sleeping Window Nook

Child’s Window Sleeping Nook

This sleeping nook shows that simple and clever design can provide storage and unclutter a child’s space. Using a window as a starting point, Studio Karhard custom built a reading nook in this kid’s room. The child can now “disappear” from the grown-up world, thanks to this simple nook hidden behind the window curtains, and additional hidden storage runs through the wall under the nook. What a fantastic design idea!

Built-In Desk Space for Kids (fit in space above radiator where furniture wasn't an option)

Built-In Desk Space

Finally, to use the lost space alongside a wide window where a wall-mounted furnace would not allow much option for a piece of furniture, Studio Karhard custom built a large desk in this kid’s room. The result is a spacious workstation inundated by natural light, and most likely, a great view of the backyard. Again, brilliant, yet so simple!

Visit the Studio Karhard website to see more of their work!