7 Super Fun DIY Sock Puppets

DIY Classic Sock Puppets

I distinctly remember a phase of my younger years when puppets were the only thing I wanted to make. There were marionettes and regular pancake puppets, a foam ball head with arms and sticks à la The Muppets. And, of course, there were sock puppets. Unfortunately, they were made from really worn out 1980s socks.

It’s clear crafting has come a long way since 1985. You can even buy a pre-fab craft kit filled with fresh, clean, brightly colored socks and lots of crafty bits. But I think we’re all itching to make our own versions—to heck with pre-fab, I want to pick my materials myself. I also love finding crafts that you can get creative with after the craft is done—time for a puppet show!

DIY Sock Puppet Kit

DIY Sock Puppet Kit

What a great idea for a rainy day gift. Just gather up all those random left-over crafting bits and make your own kit.

DIY Sock Puppet

DIY Sock It To ‘Em Puppet With Hair
visit Indie Berries for the tutorial

This sweet puppet features a great hairdo made from hand-colored and curled paper that your child can make themselves.

DIY Giraffe Sock Puppet

DIY Giraffe Sock Puppet
visit Craft Jr. for the tutorial

When I first saw this, I thought she’d found a giraffe-print sock—but it turns out it’s just fabric paint. You’d be amazed how easy it is to make giraffe spots.

DIY Googly-Eye Sock Puppets

DIY Googly-Eye Sock Puppets
visit Schaeresteipapier for the tutorial

Beads for eyes! Brilliant, simple, and super effective. Plus, they add a lot of dimension to an otherwise fairly flat puppet. For something easier but just as fun, try this super fun DIY googly-eye hand puppet project.

DIY Elephant Sock Puppet

DIY Elephant Sock Puppet
visit  Diana Schoenbrun for the tutorial

Of course you should make an elephant sock puppet – a sock makes a perfect elephant trunk. The elephant tutorial available in her book, but check out the cat tutorial on her blog (just as cute, I promise).

DIY Rock Star Puppet

DIY Rock Star Sock Puppet
visit Brave Turtle Creations for the tutorial

Ok, I had to end with this fabulous rocker. See the hand-painted teeth? The custom-made polymer clay glasses? This gal has class!

Pictured at the top of the post: DIY Classic Sock Puppet; visit Babyccino Kids for the tutorial.