3D Embroidery by Jessica Grady

We cannot get over the amazing embroidery from British artist Jessica Grady! While seeking out embellishment and embroidery inspiration on Pinterest, we had the lucky surprise of discovering her playful work. If you look closely, you’re sure to spot some unique textural details: rubber bands, straws, washers, and sponges to name a few! Jessica describes her textiles as a “tactile exploration of colour and pattern through hand stitching and embellishment.” We will always love using recycled materials when creating, and we think Jessica’s work is a stunning example of this.

Not only does she use unconventional and found objects in her work, but she oftentimes creates her own beads, sequins, and hand-dyed materials. Recently awarded the under 30’s Scholar by the Embroiderer’s Guild, we cannot wait to see what else Jessica comes up with!

We love how bright and colorful her pieces are. Jessica’s creative use of found objects and recycled supplies had got us feeling so inspired and wanting to try some textural embroidery of our own!

To see more colorful and textural embroidery from Jessica, follow her on Instagram and check out her website!

All photos from Jessica Grady’s website and Instagram page.