8 Amazing Hideaway Spaces For Kids

a hidden closet "office" in a kid's room, stocked with craft supplies

Kids love to hide. Give them a bed sheet or a table cloth, and they’ll spend hours building tents and hiding spots. They love having their own secret space, away from the adult world, in which their imaginative minds can fight monsters, creatures, or pirates and pretend play away, without any adult interruption.

Here is a collection of inspiring spaces where kids can freely save the world and be their own superheroes. Bonus—you won’t have to ask them to give you back your table cloth, bed sheets, and other borrowed fort equipment!

A low-ceiling crawl space transformed into a secret hideaway in a kid's room

Behind The Tiny Door
via Ethanollie on Flickr

Use a low-ceiling crawl space as a perfect hideaway spot for your little one. Hours of fun guaranteed!

Closet sleeping nook in a kid's room

Closet Sleeping Nook
via Kim Timmerman

Closets large and small can be transformed into special spaces—a sleeping nook or a reading nook—either make room for quiet, peaceful rest or play.

Secret space bunk bed in an attic kid's room

Secret Space Bunk Bed
via HGTV

Custom-made bunk beds add some privacy and allow your child to hide and invent amazing adventure stories.

A suspended bunk bed in a kid's room cleverly designed for a small space

Small Space Sleep & Play 
via Sara Camre Architecture & Design

A suspended bunk bed allows for storage underneath and amazing adventures overhead—particularly enticing when space is at a premium.

sleek + modern blue bunk beds in a kid's room

Sleek Blue Bunks
via Vartnya Hus

Bunks can either blend or standout like this one painted in sleek blue—a fresh, modern touch to a white-walled room. Suspend a rope from the ceiling for an extra touch of fun.

If you don't want to invest in custom bunk beds, just add some curtains to a nook and let your little ones have their own private suite.

Privacy, Please!
via Miluccia, photo by Edith Rodeghiero 

If you don’t want to invest in custom bunk beds, just add some curtains to a nook and let your little ones have their own private suite.

Simple custom headboard hideaway nook in a kid's room

Headboard Hideaway
via Emily Sans Chichi

If you can’t see the monsters, they can’t see you either! This simple custom headboard is perfect for hiding from monsters and night creatures.

Pictured at the top of this post: The Land of Nod team worked with blogger Chassity Evans to makeover her kids’ bedroom and transformed an ordinary closet into a hidden “office,” stocked with colorful crafting supplies. Read more about the transformation on Honest to Nod.