10 Totally Awesome DIY Glove Puppets

Quick and Easy DIY Dinosaur Hands for Kids

Spring may have finally arrived, but don’t pack away those gloves just yet! All it takes is some felt and a little hot glue to turn ordinary gloves into a world of imaginary play. From dinosaur hands to puppy paws and everything in between, here are ten DIY kid glove projects that are super simple and loads of fun. Grab a pair of knit gloves, some felt,  scissors, and your hot glue gun—let’s get this party started!

Fantastic Finger People Gloves

DIY Fantastic Finger People Gloves for Kids

For the Fantastic Finger People, we gave all of them a special personality. Using felt to create hair, hats, beards, mustaches, and other fun accessories, we kept the design super simple, fun, and modern. You can doodle the designs for each person on paper, cut out your templates, then cut into the felt—or just go straight to the felt and create as you snip, snip away!

Monster Puppet Gloves

DIY Fantastic Finger People Gloves for Kids

To make our Monster Puppets, we flipped our gloves upside down and used the fingers as feet for each monster. The possibilities for monster personalities are endless (one eye or one-hundred!), and you can even flip the glove over and use the fingers of the gloves as crazy hair!

We cut out a semicircle for our girl monster in green felt and gave her three felt eyes, a little j-shaped nose, and beautiful red lips. To finish off her look, we fringed some blue felt by cutting very thin strips. To make our guy monster we opted for a hairy look so we cut-out a hairy looking semi-circle shape for the head, made one bold eye, a j-shaped nose, and then gave him a really killer mustache!

Fresh & Fabulous Flower Gloves

DIY Fresh & Fabulous Flower Gloves for Kids

For the Fresh & Fabulous Flower Fingers, we made each finger bloom into it’s own flower. If you prefer to keep the design simple, you could just cut out the same flower design for each finger and perhaps just change the color. Glue each flower to a finger and add strips of green felt for stems and leaves.

Astro Hands

DIY Astro Hands Gloves for Kids

To make Astro Hands simply cut out a celestial shape, a planet, or a star and glue it onto the glove. Then give the wrist of each glove a simple band. Out of this world!

Dragon Hands

DIY Dragon Hands Gloves for Kids

The Dragon Hands are made with elongated, curved green triangles glued to the inside of each fingertip. Just tuck the very tip of the finger down and glue the base of each dragon nail to the inside of the tuck. Pinch to close, and you have dragon hands! Add a few tiny triangles to the side of each glove to finish off the look.

Bling Gloves

DIY Bling Gloves for Kids

Everyone needs a pair of Bling gloves! Cut out geometric shapes from black felt and then give the shapes dimension (transforming them into gems) by cutting tiny shapes to fit inside them. Glue everything together, then glue as few or as many rings to each finger as you wish! You could even make a bracelet if you wanted!

Jammin’ Jellies

DIY Jammin' Jellies Gloves for Kids

To make some Jammin’ Jellies dive deep into your imagination! Start with a basic semi-circle shape in any color and give the bottom of the semi-circle a lip that juts out a little farther than the width of the shape. Add eyes and hair if you wish, then cut out long curvy strips of felt for the tentacles.

Glue everything together, then get those hands swimming with some jellyfish action!

Mama Chicken & Nest Gloves

DIY Mama Chicken & Nest Gloves for Kids

Every Mama Hen loves her chickens! Turn a pair of gloves into a mother hen and her nest by cutting out a tiny beak triangle for each chicken and a larger one for the mama hen. Make eyes for the chicken and her chicks and cut out a pretty red comb for the top of her head. Create feathers and a few eggs, and don’t forget to cut out a brown nest!

Glue everything together (imagination is the limit) then hatch some fun!

Superhero Firepower Gloves

DIY Superhero Firepower Gloves for Kids

Everyone is crazy about frozen powers these days, but I’m taking about some Superhero Fire Power action! To make these gloves cut out a tiny flame in yellow and orange for each finger. Tuck the tip of the fingers down then glue the base of the flame inside, pinching together to secure.

Cut out a red circle and a letter “F” for the center, and you are a superhero ready for some fiery playtime!

Puppy Paw Gloves

DIY Puppy Paw Gloves for Kids

Everyone needs a pair of puppy paws! These are so simple to make: just cut out a pad for the center paw from brown felt. This shape is best described as three circles joined together. Cut out circles for each fingertip, then glue everything on. You’re all set!

Have fun making and playing with your gloves!