Playing with Poufs

Apple & Pear Pouffes From Rowen & Wren

A playful pouf or floor pillow is an easy way to add color to your child’s room while giving them a cozy place to escape with a favorite book. From crocheted to leather, round to fruit-shaped, the options are endless. Here are a few of our favorites…

ZIPillow Made In San Francisco ZIPillow Made In San Francisco

Custom orders available from ZIPillow

What a great idea! Zip and unzip these pillows to reconfigure them to your needs. Kids are going to have a blast running and jumping on this oversized cushion.

Floor Pillows From Les Petites Bohemes

Colorful Floor Cushions
Available from Les Petits Bohemes

Children love to play on the floor and a pouf is a flexible, light-weight pillow that can be easily be moved to or away from the play area—and from indoors to outdoors when the weather allows for outside play.

Multicolored Pouf From Plumo

Multicolored, Multitextured Pouf
Available from Plumo

A pouf is an easy way to add color to a room. Touchable textures are also important, especially for the younger children.

Yellow Elephant Bean Bag From Saccato on Etsy

Yellow Elephant Bean Bag
Available for $255 from Il Sacc0tto on Etsy

What kid wouldn’t love to roll around with and smoosh up against this adorable elephant bean bag? These are made in Italy by professional tailors who use quality upholstery fabrics. What’s not to love?

Burlap Pouf From Lovintage Finds on Etsy

Extra-Large Denim Pouf
Available from Lovintage Finds on Etsy

This oversized pouf is made from cotton denim. Kids can use it as a seat or a table and the neutral fabric makes it great for just about any room.

Puzzle Piece Floor Cushions

Jigsaw Puzzle Pillows
Via Au Pays des Cactus

If you are up for a DIY sewing project, you can also make your own custom-shaped floor cushion. On the lovely blog Au Pays des Cactus, a mom made some jigsaw puzzle–shaped floor pillows. What a fun way to add a decorative element as well as a play accessory to a child’s room!

Elephant By Jessica Ogden & Lee Benjamin

Elephant Designed By Jessica Ogden & Lee Benjamin
Via the Apartment

And then there’s this crème de la crème pouf—a true conversational piece among kids as well as adults: the quilted elephant by designers Jessica Ogden and Lee Benjamin. Quirky, artsy, unique and such a fun piece in a child’s room!

Pictured at the top of this post: These giant apple and pear poufs, made from crocheted organic cotton, are the perfect addition to a kid’s room, nursery, or playroom. Each pouf is available for $400 from Rowen & Wren.