6 Spring Crafts Inspired by Nature

DIY Egg Carton Garden

Every March the itchy feeling begins. Suddenly the only thing that sounds satisfying is smelling fresh dirt, touching green leaves, and, walking barefoot in some grass. Unfortunately, this winter seems determined to hang on until the bitter end. Looking out my window, there is still more now than brown grass as far as I can see.

Let’s celebrate spring with some nature-inspired craftiness anyway. With these quick projects, you can dig into some dirt, add color to your houseplants, imagine the high seas, make your own flowers, and plan for future summer patio parties. That should lift our spirits!

DIY Egg Carton Wreath

DIY Egg Carton Flower Wreath
visit This Little Life of Mine for the tutorial

Can you believe this beauty was made by a little girl? It has such arty class—and it’s made with egg cartons! The perfect way to upcycle the extras from your Easter egg decorating.

DIY Bloomin' Buttons Plant

DIY Bloomin’ Buttons Bouquet
visit Spoonful for the tutorial

Even houseplants can use a little “zhooshing” this time of year. I’d like to think of this project as playing flower fairy indoors. (In fact, it might be fun to surprise the littles and tell them the fairies did it!)

DIY Walnut Boats

DIY Walnut Boats
visit Domestic Candy for the tutorial

The next time it’s sunny, suit up with galoshes and go walnut-shell hunting. You’ll have these boats ready for the first Spring rains.

DIY Tissue Paper

DIY Tissue Paper Forsythia
visit Pink and Green Mama for the tutorial

This simple DIY brought me back to my own childhood with a jolt. I remember blowing paint with straws (the branches), and the careful bits of crumpled tissue flowers. Such a pretty result too.

DIY Spring Garland Lights

DIY Spring Bulbs
visit Spoonful for the tutorial

Prep your extra Christmas lights now so that when it’s time to grill you’ll be all ready to add some twinkle to the patio.

Pictured at the top of this post: This is a super cute way to use a carton of broken shells—an indoor garden. Visit Free People for the tutorial.