Printable Easter Crafts

Printable Easter Treat Boxes

Last-minute holiday preparations are a common theme at my house. We always have the best intentions of decorating early and sitting down to create our annual traditions (whether it’s gingerbread houses or Easter egg decorating). But, like every other year, we are already a little behind.

With busy lives, lots of families find themselves in the same predicament. Add in the school holidays around Easter time, and it’s the perfect recipe for bored kids and Easter project solutions! These printables are all quick to download and print, and perfect for your Springy Eastery festivities.

DIY Masters of Disguise Egg Decorations

Masters of Disguise Egg Decorations
Visit Small for Big for the tutorial.

I created these over at my blog because I wanted a mess-free egg decorating option that kids could do on their own. You can hand these printables to your kids (probably 5 and up) and let them create their own Masters of Disguise, mess-free!

Printable Hopping Easter Bunny

Hopping Easter Bunny
Visit Lotta Magazine for the tutorial.

This looks like loads of fun – I can’t wait to see how high this bunny will hop, and I know your kids will be just as curious.

DIY Printable The Yolk Folk and The Carrot Crew

The Yolk Folk and The Carrot Crew
Visit Mibo Studio for the printables.

These guys are all so adorable, I think we’ll have to make each one. Wouldn’t they be lovely decorations on an Easter table or fireplace mantel?

DIY Printable Easter Bunny Mario Bros.

Easter Bunny Mario Bros.
Visit We Freebies for the printable.

I’m snickering a little bit, but I couldn’t help but include a less-cutesy Easter bunny that might appeal to the older, less Easter-happy kids (boys?) in your family! I liked him even before I realized he was Mario.

DIY Printable Freebie Easter Bunny

Freebie Easter Bunny
Visit Steff Style for the printable.

Super simple, but with lots of colorful punch, these printables are ready to decorate your home in kid-friendly style.

Pictured at the top of this post: Easter Treat Boxes, visit Molly Moo for the tutorial.