Candy Rainbow Rock-a-Stack Toy

DIY Candy Rainbow Rock-a-Stack Toy

I can remember my little brother and both of my own children playing with this toy when they were babies. It’s been in every child’s toy box for the last 50+ years (since Fisher-Price first introduced it in 1960.)

DIY Candy Rainbow Rock-a-Stack Toy

Here’s a candy twist on a classic childhood favorite – the Rainbow Rock-a-Stack toy. These would be the perfect playful icon for any baby shower or 1st birthday party theme. Gender-neutral, brightly-colored, and down-right adorable.

They’re made with just a few simple candies and really easy to assemble. Use them for party favors, cupcake toppers, or simply display a colorful plate of them for all to adore (and eat!)

They’ll bring back sweet memories to anyone that sees them.

DIY Candy Rainbow Rock-a-Stack Toy

What You Need

  • One blue, green, red and orange Airhead candy
  • Four yellow Startburst candies
  • Six yellow Mike & Ike candies
  • Six Hershey’s White Chocolate Bliss squares

Step 1

DIY Candy Rainbow Rock-a-Stack Toy

Gather your ingredients. You should be able to make 6 candy Rainbow Rock-a-Stacks with the amount listed. Unwrap the Airhead and Starburst candies. Cut the Airhead candies into three, long strips each.

Step 2

DIY Candy Rainbow Rock-a-Stack Toy

Wash hands well before rolling candies. Working one candy strip at a time, heat in a microwave for 8-10 seconds to soften. Roll between your hands to make a long, skinny tube. Roll with your fingertips on a clean countertop to make the tube even – approximately 1/4-inch thick and 5 inches long. Set aside and continue this process with each of the other strips of candy, including the yellow Starbursts.

Step 3

DIY Candy Rainbow Rock-a-Stack Toy

Cut each tube of candy into these approximate lengths:

  • Blue = 2 1/4-inch
  • Green = 2 1/8-inch
  • Yellow = 2 inches
  • Orange = 1 7/8-inch
  • Red = 1 3/4-inch


p>Step 4

DIY Candy Rainbow Rock-a-Stack Toy

Unwrap the white chocolate bases.

Step 5

DIY Candy Rainbow Rock-a-Stack Toy

Roll each candy segment into a circle. Roll the red ones around a yellow Mike & Ike candy for the tops of the Rock-a-Stack toy.

Step 6

DIY Candy Rainbow Rock-a-Stack Toy

Stack your colored candy rings on the white chocolate base, rocker side down. You can attach the candies with a dab of candy melt if you like, but mine stuck together just fine without any additional help.